Elephone S8 with borderless design like Xiaomi MIX!

We are very surprised to see this kind of smartphone design from less known Chinese company Elephone. Actually their newest upcoming phone it is very similar to Xiaomi MIX which is the first smartphone with borderless design!

So this smartphone should be called Elephone S8, and we already can read some opinions about it. Mostly people think that this device is a Xiaomi MIX clone because they are very similar. Besides that it should have 5.7 inch screen, and below the screen there is still Home button.

From other information it will be based on 10-core cpu MediaTek X27 with 4GB RAM. Also for storage space they have prepared 128 GB. So as you can see it has strong hardware.

Overall this is a big step for Elephone, because actually you need to have Knowledge and technology to produce this kind of smartphone with borderless design. Elephone S8 looks awesome, but we want to know what you think about it ?

source: majordroid


Argam Artashyan

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  1. was looking forward to buying it,it looks great,but just bought the S7 x 25 version,so full of bugs and problems,may never buy elephone again

  2. Wtf, elephone!!!! Is that a brandphone ???

    Unfortunately to bean a brandphone is needed muttch more then make nice look phones… All you know what I mean.!!!!!

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