Elephone S8 First Hands On – The Most Charming Bezel-less Phone!

Elephone S8’s real image and photos are released from Elephone’s official SNS account. It is a new model featuring a bezel-less display with three sides, but the glossy feel of the back panel, especially the gold color model seems to be shiny.

Elephone S8Elephone S8 is the final stage before going to the market soon, but its design was released from the official SNS account. This time, it is a gold model which adopted the back panel of the glass.

Elephone S8

Depending on the way light is applied it is invisible to silver. It might be a little thin gold color. It seems that the thing which slid out the camera which fits the previous conceptual design has been rejected.

Elephone S8

The images show us most of the details on the machine. The front of the Elephone S8 has a very thin 3-sided border, a thick bottom edge that integrates the Home button with the front camera. The feel of the front is similar to Mi MIX. This device has a metal chassis, while the back side is also made from glass but bends more, looks very glossy and luxurious.

Elephone S8 Elephone S8

About the configuration, expected Elephone S8 will be 6-inch screen 2K resolution, Helio X20 processor, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, 8/21 MP front camera and USB-C port. Although Elephone S8 has been disbursing development information and prototype information from a very early stage, there are rumors that Xiaomi Mi MIX will come as it will be a higher performance category as a Chinese smartphone of the genre called Mi MIX clone, It may be good to check it.


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