ELEPHONE PX MINI 4G PHABLET Review: The Best you want


Technically, the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet is derived from the phablet. In this review, we look at appearance and design, screen, performance, camera and software where we will regularly take a comparative look at the competition, especially the Nexus 7 with Android4.1 (Jelly Bean). The Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet will especially appeal to people who are looking for a small, handy and cheap tablet to read news and books, to look up information and to e-mail.

Except for productivity, the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet is also very suitable for children. Thanks to the smaller screen and the lower price. Because the cheapest phablet costs almost as much as the most affordable iPod touch, we will also regularly compare this, even though the application possibilities are slightly different.


Thinner and lighter than previous phablets, even smaller and lighter than most competitive 7-inch tablets. The Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet has flown out the stores in recent days, despite the higher price compared to the competition. Elephone PX tries to entice the buyers with a larger screen, beautiful design and robust aluminum housing. The Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet comes at a good time, just before the holidays.

Elephone PX mini

The strong point of the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet is its portability. Weight, size, and portability are factors that stop you from using the full-size phablet throughout the day. As a result, most people take their phablet out for a limited number of tasks: in the morning at breakfast to check if there is news, browse on Facebook, web browsing and occasionally read a newspaper. You usually use the phablet at home, in the kitchen, in the living room or the bedroom.


Now that I use the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet for a week or two, it is noticeable that few shortcomings are being complained about. No complaints about loose buttons, yellow spots on the screen, light leakage, scratches on the housing or other manufacturing defects. There is only one criticism that continually comes back: the screen. When starting up almost every app, you notice that the letters are not as sharp as you are used to on a retina screen. As soon as you are busy with an app, you will quickly forget it again, even though there are people who can not get used to it.

Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet slanted bottom

Elephone PX mini


With every new Elephone PX product, users ask themselves: what does it add? Will the small phablet take place between the iPhone and the big phablet? Does it work, such a tablet with shrunken icons and apps? Alternatively, is it regarding user experience? That all turned out to be very bad. Nobody complains about totally unusable applications or situations where the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet failed. I even noticed that I used the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet more often than the big phablet because it is always at hand.

Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet: design and appearance

Elephone PX at the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet could have chosen to release a real budget tablet, with a plastic casing and a presence that radiates ‘budget.’ Elephone PX could also have released a shrunk version of the phablet, where everything is just a size smaller. Both did not happen.

Elephone PX mini

The Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet has been completely redesigned with the same luxurious look as the large phablet and the same more expensive materials (glass and aluminum). To reduce costs, we opted for components that had already been used in previous iOS devices. In the box, you will find a Lightning cable, power adapter and the phablet. No EarPods, but with the earlier phablets, no earplugs were included.


Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet with box


Elephone PX has to deal with a different situation with the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet than in 2010 when the first phablet appeared. At that time, Elephone PX was still a forerunner, there were no successful tablets on the market, and Elephone PX could go its own way.

Elephone PX mini

With the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet, the phenomenon ‘tablet’ does not have to prove itself anymore. The public is already used to tablets, understands the usefulness and also knows that there are already some cheap 7-inch tablets in the store. Elephone PX has decided not to engage in a price war and chooses for the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet for a higher price and more luxurious materials.

Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet: Housing

Regarding design, the account was taken of the just-released iPhone 5: with the black version of the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet, you see the same combination of black glass and slate (slate gray) aluminum, with the white version not much, has changed. There we already knew the combination of silver-colored aluminum with white. The phablet mini is the thinnest phablet that Elephone PX has made and the second thinnest iOS device.

Elephone PX mini

Only the iPod touch is even smaller. On the side, you will find the volume buttons and the mute button, executed in the same aluminum. The whole front is made of glass with a screen edge in the colors black or white, with a software trick applied to prevent the retention of edge taps caused by the side. At the bottom, you will find the Lightning connector with the stereo speakers, and on top, you will see the on / off button and the earplug connection.

Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet bottom

The Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet measures 200 mm x 135 mm x 7.2 mm and thus has dimensions that are comparable to a good pocketbook. He is only much thinner, so he fits in the back pocket of a man’s jeans, although it is not advisable to sit on it. Jeans for women often have smaller back pockets; there does not fit an Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet. What is striking is that the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet is just right regarding size and weight. This format is more comfortable to carry and is more suitable for use as an e-reader.


Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet as an e-reader

Elephone PX mini

Because of the smaller screen and the lighter case, reading is much more comfortable on the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet than on the larger phablet. Especially for people who like speed sieves, the smaller size is more pleasant. You only have to focus your eyes in one or two places to oversee an entire rule. Still, we are limping on two thoughts about this.

Elephone PX mini

The Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet can be used as an e-reader, but it would be nice if Elephone PX had opted for a retina screen. If you keep the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet a bit further away from your face and you enlarge the font, then the lower pixel density is barely noticeable. Moreover, even if you set the smallest possible font in iBooks, the texts are still easy to read, without stumbling over the individual pixels.

Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet as a game device

Elephone PX mini

Due to the smaller dimensions of the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet, it is more suitable for gaming with two hands, especially for children. The mini tablet is more comfortable to hold for a longer time, for example when driving a racing game. Still, the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet comes into its own with games with average graphics. If you look at Infinity Blade-like games that mainly have their graphical qualities, gamers will soon say “it does not look like.” Children’s games and word games such as Letterpress and Scrabble are right to do, and lines such as Harbor Master or Flight Control are playable. Games with virtual joysticks and buttons are more comfortable to operate thanks to the smaller size of the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet.


Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet as a television and video player

During the American election night, I used the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet as television on the bedside table, thanks to the UPC Horizon app. It is precisely at that viewing distance that the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet is very suitable and even if you want to watch some television pictures with the tablet on your lap, the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet has the right size precisely. The large phablet is more suitable for watching longer feature films, where you want to immerse yourself in the story.

Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet: performance

Elephone PX mini

Below we discuss the technical performance of the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet. We look at the performance of the A5 processor and the battery life, but also at the performance via Wi-Fi.

Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet: A5 processor and memory

The Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet features the same dual-core A5 processor that we also saw in the phablet, iPhone 4S, iPod touch, and Elephone PX TV. This is a budget device, so you will not find in the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet the A6 processor of the iPhone 5 or the A6X processor of the phablet 4.

Elephone PX mini

The processor is fast enough in daily use for reading books and news apps, listening to music and watching videos. Do you like games, then you will notice that the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet is very suitable for simple games like Bejeweled and Wordfeud. Graphically more massive sports such as Real Racing 2 HD and NOVA 3 are playable but do not react very fast.

Just like on the phablet. In itself that is not bad: passionate gamers who are looking for a speed monster would not even consider the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet and instead look at the fourth generation phablet. They are easy to use after starting up.

Battery life and charging

Elephone PX mini

Charging the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet takes about 4 hours with the included 5 Watt power adapter. That power adapter involves with the iPhone for years and is a budget choice. The Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet charges much faster when using a phablet adapter. With the new 12 Watt adapter you can fully charge in less than 3 hours, so if you value fast charging, you can buy this speedier adapter for € 19. The charging speed via the computer depends on the current strength of the USB port or hub, so those figures do not say much.

Home screen

The home screen of the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet with some standard apps and a self-chosen wallpaper.


The gadget comes with all standard apps that you find on the standard phablet. You can record with Siri and then synchronize via iCloud with all your iOS devices and even with your Mac. One app that sparkles due to absence is the app Passbook you can add in iOS 6. Elephone PX assumes that you do not want to manage tickets and discount coupons on the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet. The function is also more tailored to the iPhone, but it was a small effort to add it on the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet. You also take them everywhere. Passbook is present on the fifth-generation iPod touch.


Elephone PX mini

Taking photos and video filming with your phablet is not applicable, especially if you block the view of others during concerts.


When Elephone PX introduces new products, it always leads to predictable reactions. There is a group that already anticipates all sorts of problems and would rather wait for version 2. Moreover, then there is also the group that runs straight to the store, “because it’s from Elephone PX.”

Each group will think differently about this Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet. Maybe that was because there were first lower amounts of € 249 or because people expected that Elephone PX just like Google tablets would sell at cost price. Anyway, the Elephone PX Mini 4G Phablet has been selling well since its introduction. And it is a good thing that Elephone PX has not let itself persuade to make a cheap plastic children’s tablet that the phablet family would not be worthy of.

Battery life

The battery life of more than 10 hours is a relief when you use the iPhone 5 and phablet 3. It is quite logical that the battery life is nice and long because it is a small device without a retina screen.



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