Elephone P8: Impressive Chinese phone camera phone in a new photo of it

Like every year, Elephone advances its production by providing a confidently complete range of phones for all tastes and shakes. The most impressive and interesting of what was announced in 2017 is the Elephone P8 , it looks gorgeous in all the photos that have been published, while its “interior” is also present, offering the powerful Helio P25 processor and ample memory of 6 GB DDR4 RAM .

Elephone P8 is being promoted by the company – which had previously let its audience “numb” with its choices in materials and support – as a top-of-the-line mobile phone with an emphasis on photos. It comes with a 21 Mpix camera from Sony on the back and a 16 Mpix camera Samsung front. While they look attractive, the choice of the two lenses also requires the right software to get the best results.

In this area Elephone has a history of modest software implementation in the photos, making problems or not using full lens capabilities. We hope this time to go well, really wanting to see a complete set on this beautiful phone. As in all markets expected is the price that will give the appropriate starting point to Elephone P8 sales and which has not yet been revealed.

The likely official presentation is for May, so we will soon learn more details, making a relevant conclusion about its success, and always hoping for the best.


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