Elephone M3 with Helio P10 and Android 6 OS for only $98.61/636.98 Yuan

For an extended period, smartphone manufacturers equipped their devices with high-end operating systems of the latest version, but for a much more expensive price. Because of that, it was unimaginable to find a cheaper smartphone that incorporates the newest version of Android.

Elelphone M3 packaging box on the table held in hand

Today’s review is about Elephone M3 that provides the latest Android 6 version for a much more reasonable price. Elephone M3 is a powerful and a much cheaper alternative compared to the other expensive models.

Let’s talk about the features of this phone:

Mediatek Helio P10 processor

Chinese manufacturer Mediatek proves that quality smartphones can incorporate powerful processors in their system for a much lower price. We can compare Mediatek with AMD, considering the functionality they present for a cheaper price. CPU and GPU features are still at the top quality, making this model a fair competition to the most expensive models (Intel and Qualcomm and NVIDIA).

Elephone M3 welcome screen

When it comes to Mediatek processors, they are divided into two series, Helio, X (xx) and Helio P (xx).

The most powerful smartphone that has Helio X10 processor is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 that proved to be a fantastic high-performance model. On the other hand, we have Helio X20 that will be even more powerful, and we can expect it in the future Xiaomi models.

In the end, we have Helio P10 that found its place in the new Elephone M3.  MediaTek is currently working on the Helio P20, and its release can be expected in a few months.

Elephone M3 home screen when held in hand

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Features of the new M3 Elephone

-SIM: Dual-SIM Nano + Micro

-Display: 5.5 inch HD / FullHD IPS

-Processor: Mediatek Helio P10, Octacore 2GHz, 64 Bits

-RAM: 2 / 3GB

-Storage: 16 / 32GB expandable with a MicroSD

-Rear Camera:  Sony IMX230 of 21MP / 13 Mpx

-Front Camera: 8MP

-Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, USB Type-C

-Sensors:  Fingerprint, compass, accelerometer, proximity sensor and light

-Battery: 3000 mAh

-Operating System: Android 6 Marshmallow

The difference between Helio P10 and Helio X10 is the eight cores working at 2GHz Cortex A-53 and a 64-bit architecture. Elephone M3 has a CAT 6 LTE modem that can download at 300 Mbps, providing the best user experience for that price. One of the new cool features that the stronger model has is the 21 Mpx camera with significant graphics improvement.

The manufacturers of the Elephone M3 ensured themselves that nothing may disturb the great performance of this phone with 2 (ElephoneM3) and 3 GB of RAM (Elephone M3Pro). Having a 2 GB is more than enough, but with 3 GB this model will blow your mind. The internal storage capacity is 16 or 32GB, with the option of expanding by MicroSD card.

LG supported the Elephone M3 Pro with a 5.5-inch 2.5D curved display, which will be in Full HD. There are rumors that Fingerprint scanner will be incorporated, but we cannot say for sure that the both models will have it. The design also features a front camera with 8Mpx that makes it perfect for your selfies.

As we said in the title, the new Elephone M3 is bringing the Android 6 Marshmallow. The latest version of Android comes to improve the previous Lollipop version further.

This new version will provide more quality to the user, and it will be much more efficient.

Elephone M3 menu icons

Now, when we reviewed the fundamental characteristics of the new Elephone M3, let’s pay attention to the small details that make this model truly beautiful. The body is made of metal, and the manufacturers paid attention to the strength of the phone by using anodic oxidation treated aluminum.

Price of the Elephone M3 and M3 Pro

You can purchase Elephone M3 for $98.61/636.98 Yuan, and have the best quality for the price. It is certainly one of the best deals fewer than 100 euros.

Elephone M3 Pro is more expensive; the price is $195.19/1149.51 Yuan, but considering the quality, this model worth every penny.

These models are not available yet, but when they are released for sale, they will be available in grey, gold and pink, with the design similar to the iPhone.

Elephone M3 battery usage

Our opinion

We can say that these new models will be a huge breakthrough in the mobile industry. Chinese manufacturers are always striving for perfection with their inventive ideas, and we can surely expect even more from them in the future.

Elephone M3 and M3 Pro are the perfect examples of the great quality smartphones that are cheap and available for everybody. The user experience is at it top, and Elephone M3 provides incredible performance and cool features that will blow your mind. This model will be perfect for you when it comes to the quality you get for your money.

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