ELEPHONE Ivory 4G review

ELEPHONE is Chinese company established near the end of 2006 and operating out of one of the leading electronic and tech cities named Shenzhen. In the first few years of their existence, they were concentrated on research and development as well as sales and service of the mobile communication products. Over the years, they have accumulated rich experiences in mobile device development, marketing, and manufacturing. Now, they are one of the Chinese finest mobile companies with over 1000 employees, and their annual sales reach volumes over 10000000 in North and South America, Europe and the Middle East. Since the business is based in Shenzhen, China, they can get products directly from suppliers, thus significantly reducing the price of the finished device. Their devices feature excellent design and specs and a “pocket-friendly” price.

We have one of their latest products – Ivory 4g, and we are reviewing it for you today.


The package comes with following:

  • Elephone Ivory 4G
  • A Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Leather Case
  • English Manual

The earphones aren’t included in the package, but this is the standard practice today. Manufacturers stopped shipping earphones with their phones just because people usually wouldn’t use them, and purchase some other model of earphones. The next reason is a price lowering.

Display & Build

Ivory’s motto “Small but better than big” describes the device just right as it has a 5-inch screen in a compact shell that gives it great screen-to-body ratio.elephone ivory 4g

Speaking of the screen, it has curved 2.5D HD 1280*720 resolution display with an astounding 95 percent NTSC color gamut which means you will simply enjoy in its vivid tones, great viewing angles, and saturated colors.
Back of the device is slightly arched which ensures that phone will fit great in the hand and will be comfortable to hold. The build of the device is sturdy, backed by quality materials.

The dimensions of the phone are 15.1 x 7.7 x 0.79 cm / 5.93 x 3.03 x 0.31 inches, and the phone weighs at a respectable 163grams.

Processing unit

Under the hood specs continue to excel. We have Mediatek’s 64-bit MTK6753 processor that runs on eight 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 1.3 GHz. Core pilot technology by Mediatek ensures a balance between performance and power efficiency.


GPU is Mali-T720 and has no problem running even the most challenging and graphically demanding tasks on this phone.


16GB of onboard storage (with optional micro SD expansion of up to 128GB) and 2GB of RAM memory ensures great multi-tasking and lag free experience on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Ivory 4 storage and ram memory

This amount of storage is standard for the today’s smartphones; the possible extension by the SD card is a good news for the people that enjoy having a plethora of multimedia on their devices. Gamers will appreciate that as well, as today’s gaming releases can take up to 7GB of storage space.

Speaking of multimedia and gaming experience, 2GB of RAM is more than enough for the average consumer as well as a power user.


For capturing that perfect moment in time, a 13MP BSI sensor rear camera is in charge, coupled with 2MP front camera for selfies and video calling.

We tested the camera extensively throughout the day and night and here are some samples.

Ivory Camera Sample
Click on image for full resolution

On a daylight, Elephone Ivory offers superb photos, with the decent amount of detail and good white balance, the camera is great in almost every lighting condition. Couple that with little noise, good image algorithms and quick processing and you get an accomplished shooter.

The subject can be focused from a minimal distance of 5cm, and macro shots are good as well.

Ivory 4G Macro zoom
A good focusing power

Night shoots, on the other hand, are a mixed bag. A significant level of noise and lack of details are unacceptable, but we can expect that level of quality on a sub 200-dollar phone with no optically stabilized camera.

Night shot from Ivory 4G
Sunset was the perfect opportunity to test the camera in low light.


Manufacturer states that 2800 Lithium-Polymer mAh battery will last for two days of moderate usage. In our testing scenario, these numbers are not exaggerated. Because of the power-efficient chipset, good screen and battery saving capabilities of the latest Google’s OS this phone will stay on for two, even three days if you are a moderate user. Power users shouldn’t worry because this device will easily last them a whole day on a single charge.

Battery life of Ivory 4G
The claims from Elephone are backed up.


Elephone Ivory supports a broad range of 4G LTE networks with FDD-LTE standard and downloading speeds of incredible 150MB/sec. It is easy to change your private SIM card with the one you use for work since this is a dual SIM device. One card can be standard size SIM, and the other one has to be micro SIM. During our time spent using the phone, we didn’t have any dropped calls or troubles connecting to a mobile internet.


ELEPHONE Ivory 4g is mostly stock Android 6.0 which is great. There is no custom software to slow things down and make the device unusable. Bloatware is at the minimum and, luckily, is easily removable. Everything on the device, from opening and closing apps to animations and transitions, feels snappy and we didn’t encounter any lag. You can choose between many languages, and English is the default one.

Interface and customization of Ivory 4G
Android 6.0 looks great on Ivory 4G

An additional feature of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow that greatly enhances user experience and usability is the ability to change application permissions post installing. That will put you in charge of your privacy and security of your phone and personal data. Another feature that we would like to mention is “do not disturb” mode. This mode is readily available via pull-down menu and is great for addressing notifications and sounds on your smartphone during meetings and other times that you do not wish to be disturbed.

Pros and cons

After several days of usage of this device, we have summed up our experiences and separated pros and cons of Elephone Ivory 4G. We will list them out for you.


  • Good battery life – the claims from Elephone were true. This phone has a high capacity and can withstand a whole day of intensive usage.
  • Excellent display – Big, vivid, bright, and sharp. A definite pro and a reason to get this phone.
  • Decent camera performance in good light – Great focusing, fast capturing, and high level of details on daylight
  • Affordable price – When you sum up the characteristics, you get the conclusion. Very affordable.


  • Not good low light image capabilities – The camera is not performing great in low light. Well, we have to satisfy ourselves with a flash and consider the price.
  • Low in-call volume in earphone – There is room for improvement here.

Our opinion:

If you’re looking for a new phone and have a limited budget, Elephone Ivory 4G is an outstanding opportunity. It’s simply amazing what you get under the $200 price tag; Octa core processor, big storage, big and beautiful screen, and a quality, bloatware-free system that will run smoothly for at least 36 hours.

Presale period ends at January 4th, and until that day, this phone costs amazingly $119.99 / 774.98 Yuan!

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  1. pensaba en comprar el elephone vowney 2k pero con el problema de la conectividad no me serviría en mexico, entonces me estoy inclinando un poco mas con este modelo, espero algún día saquen el vowney para que funcione aquí por mientras creo que es una muy buena opción este teléfono, lo único que me gustaría es que le agregaran la carga rápida o el poderle remover la bateria para poder llevar una extra siempre

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