EL W45 Entry-Level Phone: Offers IPS Display with RawColor Technology

If you are looking for an entry-level phone or just a spare phone for yourself. Nothing can beat the latest EL W45 from the EL brand. EL mobile is tech giant from China which solely focus on the Entry level market of smartphones. The brand is doing great all over the world especially in Africa, where it has already acquired more than 10% of the market share of smartphones. The brand owns many factories and R&D departments all over China. Where they develop some of the best budget and affordable smartphones for all over the world.

The recent release from the EL mobile the EL W45 is a very affordable smartphone. The smartphone comes with a beautiful design. Even more, the feature that separates EL W45 from all other smartphones is its great display. The display of the smartphone is better than all the low-end smartphones available in the market.

Check out the latest unboxing and experience video of EL W45:


EL W45
OS Android v6.0
Processor MTK6580M Quad-core
Storage 8 GB Built-in memory 512 MB RAM
Screen size 4.5 inches
Display 800×480 pixels
Front Camera: 2.0 MP
Rear Camera: 2.0 MP
Features MP4 player, MP3 player, FM radio, etc.

Design EL W45

EL W45

The EL W45 comes with ergonomic design. Being a small phone the EL W45 is really easy to carry and hold. The design also lets you use all features of smartphone single handily. The smartphone is availble to choose from different cool colors. The back cover of the smartphone also comes with texture back. This provides a stronghold while holding your device. The whole body of the EL W45 comes with PC material. This is a type of metal which not let any hand sweat remain on the smartphone.

Vivo V11 Hong Kong hands-on play

Display EL W45

Many people have misconceptions about the entry-level smartphones regarding their quality of the display. However, let us assure you this is not the case with EL W45. The smartphone comes with a display of 4.5 inches. This is not very big nor too much small. The display comes with an IPS panel. This provides a wider viewing angle, better contrast, and color saturation to the user.

EL W45

The EL has focused a lot on display, and it is evident from the smartphone. It covers about 90% sRGB color gamut with brightness up to 500 nits. This is more than enough to let you see the display even if you are using it under direct sunlight. Even more, the display comes with RawColor technology. It is similar to the raw colors you get in your Photoshop. It can boost the display rendering by many folds. Thus providing you with more sharpness and contrast of image like an HDR screen technology.

Performance EL W45

The EL W45 comes equipped with 8 GB Built-in memory and 512 MB RAM. This is enough for a smartphone this size works faster and reliable. The MTK6580M Quad-core processor powers the device heart. It can clock at a maximum speed of 1.3 GHz. Letting you enjoy task with much ease.

EL W45

Where to buy?

The device is available at Aliexpress for just $42.99.

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