DZ09D SmartWatch Review:Smartwatch with camera for $10?

Welcome friends once again to another Smart watch unboxing and review. Are you thrilled already to know about one of the latest smart watches of today? DZ09D SmartWatch. We will go through the various features of this Chinese made watch in this review. Before getting started, make sure to check out the Best Fitness Smartwatch 2017 list as it will help you choose one for yourself.

Thanks to Gearbest it offers this watch at the best possible price online. At the first glance, this watch reminds me of the Samsung range SmarWatches. But Let’s see the DZ09D SmartWatch in detail

Unboxing the DZ09D Smart Watch

First lets take a look at the box in which DZ09D SmartWatch is presented to its customers. The box is well made, it is robust and made of sturdy cardboard. When unboxing, I wondered for a moment that most Chinese smartwatches come in the similar styled boxes.

On the top of the box, we have a printed picture of a hand watch that gives a hint to the customers about the device inside. In addition, there are two different adhesive stickers stuck, over the box that highlight the interesting features of the SmartWatch. Maybe the info about the color on the box helps the dealers to give the right colored SmartWatch to the customers buying it. On the back there is nothing printed or sticked.

On opening the box, we see the DZ09D SmartWatch embedded in a black high density foam. Below this we find other watch accessories.

Box contents:

  • DZ09D SmartWatch.
  • USB charger.
  • European network adapter.
  • User’s Guide.
  • 380 mAh battery.
  • Screen saver.

Appearance of DZ09 SmartWatch

The front of the DZ09D SmartWatch is occupied by the OGS HD IPS LCD screen of 1.56 inches with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. As you can see in the picture,DZ09D SmartWatch is lit with the word SmartWatch.

At the rear of the DZ09D SmartWatch, there is no logo or any details printed even though it is the case with many other similar devices in the market. If there are any visuals, it is the speaker outlets. When we remove the cover, we see the battery.

The battery that powers this cheaply priced Chinese SmartWatch has a capacity of 380 mAh lithium. Over it CE quality seal is printed. I’ll leave the rest of the details to the picture to speak for itself.

When we remove the battery from the DZ09 SmartWatch we a micro SD card slot and port for micro SIM.

At the top DZ09D SmartWatch has its microphone and 0.3 megapixel camera with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. At the bottom we see the only physical button on the wearable.

If you look on the left side of the device we find the micro USB charging port accompanied by a rubber cap. This prevents dust or any other impurities from entering inside. The right side is empty.

The strap is made of rubber which makes it comfortable and durable to all styles of wearing. The buckle is wide and made of metal. It is not interchangeable, it stays there for the watch’s lifetime. 

Specifications of DZ09D SmartWatch.

  • Model: DZ09D.
  • Processor: 533 MHz CPU MTK6260A.
  • Memory: 128 Mb Card 64Mb expandable to 32 GB.
  • Screen: 1.56 inch TFT LCD HD OGS.
  • Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels.
  • Bluetooth: version 3.0.
  • Ports: Micro USB.
  • Battery: 380 mAh Li-Ion.
  • SIM Micro SIM.
  • Camera: 0.3 megapixel
  • Camera resolution: 320 x 240 pixels.
  • Standby time: 180 hours approx.
  • Talk time: 3 hours approx.
  • Bluetooth Talk Time: 3.5 hours approx.
  • Bluetooth Standby time: 120 hours approx.
  • Networks: GSM850 / 900/1800 / 1900MHz.
  • Audio Format: AMR, AAC, MP3, MIDI.
  • Video format: MP4, 3GP, AVI.
  • Photo format: JPG, GIF.
  • Dimensions: 43.5mm x 40mm x 9.8mm.
  • Weight: 51 grams.
  • Languages: English, Italian, German, Danish, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese and Russian.
  • Colours: Black, white and bronze.

Watchfaces, themes and menus of DZ09 SmartWatch

  • Watchfaces.

This cheap Chinese SmartWatch has three different watchfaces, but yes, all the themes have the circular shape and follow analog styles.

  • Themes

There are five SmartWatch themes and all of them are colorful, although the first theme in the image below, is the most sober of all with limited colors.

  • Menus.

This smartclock has seven menus. I made a list of items you can see in each of these screens.

  • First screen: messages, call logs, and BT Bluetooth Dialer.
  • Second screen: Notifications, remote camera, anti-lost and adjustments.
  • Third screen: Pedometer, sleep monitor, alert inactivity and QR code.
  • Fourth screen: Search, alarm, calendar and calculator.
  • Fifth screen: User profiles, file manager, music player and themes.
  • Sixth screen: FM radio, camera, video recording and image viewer.
  • Seventh and final screen video player, sound recorder, browser and toolkit.

  • Transition menu.

The following figure shows you the transition between the screens.

Features of DZ09 Smart Watch

  • Remote Camera:

We can control the camera of your smartphone using DZ09 Smart Watch. The watch can trigger an image capture and show you the picture taken on the screen.

  • Remote Music:

You can play music stored in your smartphone via bluetooth

  • Anti inactivity:

DZ09 Smart Watch can raise an alarm when you are sedentary for a long time. It tells you that you must move a bit.

  •  Sleep Monitor:

Used to keep track of the sleep hours.

  • Sound recorder:

In we can record any sound, conversations, music etc

  • Pedometer:

To keep track of the heartbeat, speed and distance traveled.

  • Push notifications:

Any notification that comes to our smartphone will be automatically sent to the DZ09 Smart Watch.

  • Anti-lost:

When your smartphone is linked to DZ09 it notifies you through beeps while you are moving away from your phone. So with a DZ09 tied in your hands, you can’t forget or lose your Smartphone.

  • Mobile Search:

This option helps to find the smartphone when the SmartWatch beeps.

  • Other functions of DZ09.

Freehands, Call log, Message log, Notifications,  Diary,  Calculator,  Alarm,  Bluetooth headphones, Calendar and Compass.

Comparison of DZ09 and GV18.

If you see these two watches from the outside, both look as if they are twins, except that the DZ09 has a button below the screen.

When we examine the internal specifications we see some differences between these two watches. First, GV18 SmartWatch has a larger battery capacity of 450 mAh than DZ09D having 380mAH. Second, the speaker of GV18 is located near at the front where DZ09D incorporates a button. In case of DZ09D it has its speaker located on the back.

Now let’s speak about the driving force in these two SmartWatches. Both DZ09D and GV18 use same processor, Mediatek MTK6260A with 533MHz clock speed. Also they have the same version of bluetooth, 3.0. Through micro SD card slot and micro USB port you can expand the storage up to 32GB.

The dimensions of the GV18 like we saw in the last post are 58.5mm x 39.5mm GV18 x 12.3 mm and it weighs 65 grams, which makes it bigger and heavier that DZ09 Smart Watch havings measures of 43.5mm x 40mm x 9.8mm and 51 grams weight.

Other than the details about the battery and dimensions the two weareables are quite similar in their makeup.

Buy DZ09D Smart Watch Phone from Gearbest for $12.

Buy DZ09D Smart Watch Phone from for $11.



  1. the watch is pretty nice but you can’t sync the language that kind of sucks . all my phone is in Hebrew and the messages are in Hebrew and when you get alot of boxes that show the error of the language. 8/10

  2. When using the remote camera does it actually save the picture anywhere and I’d so where can I find them?

  3. try to connect on the internet browser, carrier is AT&T, APN setup works fine but every time I tried to connect on google, Facebook, Twitter or other website there is a BaiDu logo with Chinese character and a series of square boxes. out of frustration, I hammered it since it only cost $11, lesson learned, NEVER AGAIN for a cheapo unbranded smartwatch.

  4. Has anyone ever figured out the music player on the DZ09? It is not user friendly at all and I have never been able to find any documentation on line explaining how to use it.

  5. why does my dz09 does not contain video recorder,themes,calculator,sim toolkit,notif bar,video player and fm radio?

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