Douhe 600W Portable Electric Heater Fan Now Offers In Only $40.79 at Banggood

There’s no doubt that the occasional use of a good electric heater can be a quick and easy way to take the edge off a cold night, particularly if you’re sitting reasonably close to the heater and the room isn’t too large. Luckily, today we have Douhe 600W Portable Electric Heater Fan that will you provide enough warmth to get you working back in comfort. You can find this amazing Portable Electric Heater Fan on Banggood at a price of $40.79 with 32% discount.

BanggoodBuy Douhe 600W Portable Electric Heater Fan For $40.79

Douhe 600W Portable Electric Heater can heat most bedrooms, though it can take a while to heat the entire room, as with most space heaters. This Portable heater ideal for use in your workplace, greenhouse, garage or anywhere else that heat is needed and can be used as a temporary or permanent heating solution.

Its small in size with only 11.5 x 11.5 x 21cm, super portable to carry and store. Back recessed handle make it easier to carry and move to use for office, bedroom, dorm, library, outdoors or anywhere accesses to a 220V wall outlet. Douhe 600W Portable Electric Heater comes with Hot wind and natural wind modes, red lights on for hot wind and blue lights on for natural wind.

Efficiently Create Warm Personal Zone: ceramic personal heater heats up in 2 seconds with PTC ceramic heating technology to warm and heat the air around you, creating a comfortable personal zone. Say no to chilling winter. It also consumes less energy with temperature goes up to a certain value, safer than the fireplace, energy saving with high-efficiency heating.

Deliver Warm Air with Oscillation Design: Press on the oscillating button to have a 45-degree oscillating space heater. 45 degree wide angle from side to sides, deliver warm air for you, your family and beloved ones.

Safe Portable Heater with Multiple Protections: Tip-over protection with a mechanical anti-tip switch, the space heater will be auto off once tip over. Plus temperature detects switch and thermal cutoff ensure your safety by auto off with over-heat.


  • DO NOT cover the electric heater in case of overheating
  • DO NOT touch the metal grid/ air vent while the heater fan is working to avoid scalding.
  • DO NOT block the air inlet and keep it at least 10cm away from the wall or furniture or other things.
  • Please put the mini heater onto a flat surface, the product might not work on a soft carpet as the topple axis may
  • be released and heater will auto shut off to trigger tip-over protection

BanggoodBuy Douhe 600W Portable Electric Heater Fan For $40.79

If you want to buy an electric heater, so this Douhe 600w portable electric heater is a better investment and fortunately, currently, this heater is offered on Banggood in $40.79.


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