Doogee X70 Review:not only an applicant for the role of a backup smartphone

Many of us sometimes need to have a spare smartphone at our hand (just in case!). Especially, as everyone knows, this applies to budget smartphones. For this reason, we got a Doogee X70 with a new version of the operating system and an increased battery capacity for relatively little money. The model is new, and it is designed by taking into account modern trends, that seemed to be quite interesting.
The purchase was made in the online store Doogee Official Store of the trading platform AliExpress.

Packaging and bundling of goods

Doogee X70

We ordered a black color smartphone that arrived in a black box, a complete set of it can be seen in the below pictures. On the underside of the package, the main technical characteristics of the smartphone are shown, they are also duplicated on a shipping tape glued on the screen (sticker).

Doogee X70

A pleasant surprise was that the sent smartphone was already in the silicone case. Under the transport foil, the main protective film was glued on the screen and one more with a napkin – a spare in the kit. The box also includes: a charger (5V / 1A), USB cable, User Manual. Through the attached Charger, the smartphone charges a little over 4 hours, and with my non-intensive use, the autonomy of the smartphone is about 3-4 days.

Appearance and management Doogee X70 

Doogee X70

The smartphone is built of high-strength plastic. The left side edge is free, and on the right side there is a volume rocker key for adjusting the volume of the sound (bell / audio signals) and the smartphone on/off button. The top holds a 3.5mm audio jack, and the bottom has a micro USB port and perforated microphone and speaker holes. The back of the device is a fingerprint scanner and a dual main camera with LED flash (modules with a resolution of 8 and 5MP), as well as a logo.

Here I want to note that in general, the installed video camera (the primary dual eight- and five-megapixel sensors and the front-five-megapixel sensor) provides the necessary minimum of photographic capabilities. Imprinting documents and shooting static events in daylight is very good for them. In conditions of reduced visibility, the quality of the resulting material is reduced.
Under the cover is a removable battery, a combined tray (or two nanoSIM cards, or nanoSIM-card + microSD-card).

Doogee X70

Hardware component of the smartphone Doogee X70 


Doogee X70

Doogee X70 has a 5.5 “widescreen IPS display with a 19: 9 aspect ratio.
Above the screen trend “monobrov” smartphones in 2018, conversational speaker, front five-megapixel camera and proximity sensor. LED-indicator of events in this model is not installed. The logo of the company is placing below, and the on-screen control buttons are station. According to the manufacturer of the smartphone, the screen has a Glass coating, multitouch (number of touches) 5, the frame size is 4.5mm, the percentage of the screen surface usage is 76.2%. Brightness and contrast of the screen are low, but sufficient for direct sunlight. On the screen, the picture looks decent, detailed and saturated.


Doogee X70

The original “power part” of any smartphone is the processor. My smartphone has an “elderly” processor, but I see this as a plus – it’s a time-tested and user-friendly component.
Although the Mediatek MT6580 processor and the Mali400 MP2 video chip are already of previous generation, they also allow you to run many demanding applications. The above-describe duo of 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of built-in memory are available. This in combination not only eliminates the problem of lack of memory but also significantly increases the overall performance of the device.
There is a proximity sensor, a light sensor, an accelerometer, a fingerprint scanner.

Characteristics of video sensors .

Main camera capabilities include Auto focus, Continuous shooting, Digital hum, Geotags, Panoramic shooting, HDR shooting, Touch focus, Face detection, White balance adjustment, ISO setting, Exposure compensation, Self-timer, Scene selection mode, Wide-angle lens-80 ° (Wide-angle lens ).
Some parameters of the received photos.
Main camera : 3840x2160px (horizontal resolution and vertical resolution 96 dpi – dots per inch), 24bit color depth, sRGB color representation, aperture f / 2.8, focal length 4mm.

Front camera

3072x1728px (horizontal resolution and vertical resolution 96 dpi – dots per inch), color depth 24bit, sRGB color representation, aperture f / 2.8, focal length 4mm. Some parameters of the received video. The main camera is 1920x1088px (1,0), the frame rate is 29,79fps, 48000Hz, Mono.

Doogee X70

Front camera : 640x480px (1,0), frame rate is 29,38fps, 48000Hz, Mono (4: 3 aspect ratio).

The quality of video and photographic materials you can evaluate yourself better.
I believe that they will be enough to get a general idea of the possibilities of cameras. They are quite suitable for obtaining some working images or video recording of exciting life episodes.
Parameters of the received Screenshot ‘s: 540x1132px, colour depth 24bit, picture png-format. Photo Screenshots Battery. The smartphone has a removable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4000mAh. This is enough for 300 hours in standby mode and 30 hours for conversations. While watching a video from YouTube in full-screen mode, about 25% of the battery charge get consume.

When charging the battery from the supplied charger (as I said, it takes a little more than 4 hours).The smartphone remains practically cold, and the charger gets slightly warm.
After the battery get completely discharge (0% indicates when it is turn on for charging), the smartphone get disconnects. Energized at 3% charging. Fifty percent charging (from 0% to 50%) of the battery occurs in the first 1.5 hours.

Doogee X70

The software component of the smartphone Doogee X70 

The Doogee X70 is running an operating system Android 8.1 Oreo, which we can verify after the first time get turn on. The smartphone pre-installed a number of necessary applications.

As you know, GPS Test allows you to get various information about the coordinates of the satellites floating above us. The strength of the GPS signal emission, the altitude above sea level, and the position of the sun. Moreover, for the normal operation of the navigator in the car, there are three satellites.

Doogee X70

The smartphone has a screen with thin frames and a cutout. A dual main camera, a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh, unlocking with a fingerprint or scanning a face to choose from. When using the latter, the front camera is uses.
During the use of updates, the operating system did not come, but more than ten applications have already been updating. Doogee does not have bad technical support, so there should not be problems accompanying the problems. The system capacity is quite sufficient for the normal operation of the interface. While working without failures, the battery keeps the charge well.

Doogee X70


Doogee X70

The new Doogee X70 received the Mediatek MT6580 processor and the Mali400 MP2 graphics accelerator. Testing with Antutu Benchmark v7.1.0 which showed not very brilliant results. However, on the other hand, what to want from a budget smartphone. Naturally, the fans of games, he does not fit. The bad news is that the smartphone does not support 4G networks. Also, as a result, the slow operation of the mobile Internet. It is also regrettable that the device does not realize fast battery charging, NFC, and the event indicator is not present.

In its price segment, Doogee X70, in my opinion, does not have obvious design flaws, it is quite suitable for its intended use. By itself, a stylish smartphone with functional autonomy, and the  shortcomings which we find earlier are visible by its low price.
Without any doubts, I recommend to those who are looking for a similar device.


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