Doogee X5 review: 5-inch and 4G for just ridiculous 60$

60$, you can get 5-inch and 4G for just 60$, had we gotten into smartphone utopia? No, here’s the Doogee X5 showing its paw, with its plastic, but still elegant body, and its 5-inch screen for just ridiculous 60$, how does it feel, Samsung? Jokes away, given the appropriate amount of publishing, this Chinese mobile will break the entire market as once the Moto G did.

General Design


In general design we can see Doogee simple philosophy as only we have a plastic body with just lock/unlock button and volume rocker in its right side and nothing in its left, this look like will be trend this late 2015/early 2016, as every mobile brand is walking near this dangerous place, because variety is good, but, in this case, if every brand goes the same philosophy design, the market will be full of same-looking phones (I’m seeing at you, Samsung) but, even if this happens, lets enjoy first this little wonder also being in one more flavor, the Doogee X5 Pro, offering 64bit SoC and 4G.



Here we have 5-good-looking-inches with a 16 million display, IPS technology and multitouch, the Doogee X5 is more than ready for the daily tasks such as web navigation and video gaming, as IPS technology offers consistent, exact color from all viewing angles, and offer clear images and very stable response time.

As a drawback are more expensive to produce (but this doesn’t look like is a problem, in this budget phone) and need more energy to properly work, so, further explaining later we’ll see if Doogee X5 can handle strain from this powerful panel, while also seeing its general performance along with other parts of this cheap mobile.

Soc and Performance


Inside this little bad boy we have an 1.3 GHz quad-core (4 x 1.3GHz) MediaTek SoC along with Mali-400 GPU, that has proven itself in the Galaxy S2, with astonishing results in every task, from gaming, to video playing, of course doesn’t have the performance of an new-generation Adreno, but, for 60 bucks.

It’s impressive that we have here a phone that 3-4 years ago have been sold for 500-600$, that fast is Android miniaturization, maybe in 5 years this phone will have the specs of a Galaxy S6 while costing the same ridiculous 60$, the only drawback in this aspect is the overheating from continued use, isn’t as annoying because isn’t metal or aluminum, but you can still feel that warm in the back of phone.


RAM and Storage

Doogee X5 comes with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage, and expandable memory up to 32GB, with this, you never will need again to remove apps for clearing internal storage and enjoy more of your precious videos, photos and music, while also having space for that little dead time killer games, all inside a 32GB memory card.




Doogee X5 offers a 5 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixel front camera, doesn’t sounds too good on paper, but, for that price tier (almost free) you get awesome good results, isn’t as good as a Z3 Compact, for say something, but, for being a 60$ phone, does its work pretty well, also offers video recording [email protected] camera also offers a bunch of features like.

  • Autofocus: no more time-wasting manual focus.
  • Geo tagging: for those trips around the world.
  • Face detection: because no one likes being left from the photo.
  • Panorama: for those awesome views from your balcony.
  • Scene modes: so you never had the wrong filter anymore.
  • Image viewer: uses android stock, but feels good and responsive, couldn’t be better.


For a 5 megapixel camera built into a 60$ mobile, haves a good array of features, does not have the latest technology around, but will be enough for its buyer, since for 60$ you can’t expect more than messaging, calls, some WhatsApp and maybe 1 or 2 games, and this phone is the best for that, the perfect gift for that newly introduced to technology father or your technological mother, fits for almost everyone (that doesn’t is a power user, though).



Here Doogee X5 is well served, starting from GSM quad band (850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900) to tri band 3G (WCDMA 850/ 1900/ 2100) and 4G LTE (Still yet yo be revealed where bands will work, but, seeing the complete 2G/3G connections, we suppose that will work for all available bands) This means that you be connected in almost any part of the world (with some exceptions).

Doogee X5 also haves radio FM, so, you can enjoy everywhere of your favorite stations, from that relaxing orchestral music, to that award winner modern station, everything, everywhere with just one touch.

Also offers NFC (Near Field Communications), a pretty amazing feature for this price tier, even some Mlais models doesn’t offer while being more expensive, this not so new, but still relatively young technology offers a completely distinct way to use your credit cards, bus passes and even your ID, just with one touch, NFC-enabled devices will transfer information into your cell phone, another amazing use is for smart phone automation, so, with NFC tags you can make that your mobile enters in silence mode when entering to your room or open some apps when near you router, just your imagination is the limit, NFC only helps to make it real.

At top of this complete range of connectivity we have Bluetooth 4.0, so, along with external microUSB 2.0, and jack 3.5 mm, assures that will be compatible with every earphone model.



Doogee X5 comes with 2400 mAh battery that does great work along with the processor, consuming low energy in stand-by mode, so, with medium to light use, easily can resist 1 day.




In this review we were shocked by the fact that a 60$ phone came with more connectivity and better screen than most of the mid-ranges Android mobiles, while costing a fraction of their original price, so, if you search for a reliable, stable, good-looking, and cheap phone, here is your answer.

About the drawbacks we cannot say too much, because we are impressed on how good is this mobile for its price range, the only drawback we found is a bit of lack optimization on OS, as lags a bit between transitions, but, lags apart, here we have an amazing phone into an amazing price-tier.

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  1. $60 is the price of 3G model while you article is about the 4G model.

    4G model is at $80

    oh btw, the coupon has expired…

  2. Elsewhere specs say no NFC, and going to website and checking firmware docs it says NFC tests N/A. Post images and specs screenshots. This review is unreliable.
    Just found youtube video where CPUX listed NFC as unavailable on a X5pro

  3. If you are not care much about the 4G LTE, there are another good device for about $70, the Bluboo Maya. It carries 64bit MTK6580A chipset along with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM, 8MP+13MP Sony cameras with customized beauty app, Android 6.0 OS, and 3000mAh battery. I am waiting for this phone.

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