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Usually when talking about rugged smartphones the only brand coming to our minds is Sony. I guess you are aware of its handsets that have IP58 certificates. This means all the phones coming with it are dust proof and water resistant over 1.5 meter and 30 minutes. When at the beginning Sony launched rugged handsets they have terrible design, those devices were bulky and they cost too much. Later Sony and other companies refined the design of their rugged smartphones and we got more attractive handsets with such feature. Currently the rugged smartphones market knows more names rather than Sony, and one of them is Chinese Doogee. I guess you have got acquainted with the Doogee T3 reviewed earlier. Today we are going to get our hands on its successor dubbed as the Doogee T5, and as you guess it is another rugged smartphone.

Doogee T5 (7)1

Doogee handsets always stand out thanks to at least one feature, the Doogee T5 has two similar specs. Though we can’t say this device has a stylish design, it looks quite attractive. But let’s talk about its features in order.

Doogee T5 Design

As I said there are two features worthy to be talked in details. The first one is its design. Being a rugged phone there are no open slots or ports – they are hidden under caps. However, the front side of it carries a front camera and a notification led above the screen, while the touch buttons are located below it. A 3.5mm audio jack and a mini HDMI slot are located on the top under the caps to protect them from water. The volume rocker and power button are on the right side, while the SIM card slot and memory expansion slot are located on the left side under the cap. The back of the Doogee T5 looks formidable, and when handling we have a feeling as we are dealing with something solid and elegant.

Generally, it’s thought Chinese smartphones cost cheaper because manufacturers save on material, as a result the housing becomes inefficient and the overall look cause no feelings. But the Doogee T5 is out of this list, as its packaging comes with an additional back cover and two metal panels. So you can easily replace the default back cover and side panels in a few minutes giving quite different look to your handset. So purchasing this handset we acquire two phones at the same time – one with a sport look, and one with a business style.

Obviously, all those features just cannot be packed in a small and thin housing, so do not be surprised when meeting the size and dimensions of the Doogee T5. Well, it comes at a dimension of 15.30 x 9.20 x 1.50 cm and weighs 252 grams. This is a bit thicker and a bit heavier in comparison what we used to see for other smartphones, but do not forget we are dealing with a rugged handset that has to hide away all the essential organs under this or that covers and caps.

Doogee T5 Hardware

The Doogee T5 sports a 5-inch capacitive screen at a resolution of 1280 x 720, thus you are given a chance to display HD content on your rugged phone. Say, you can watch your favorite videos under the water. No new technology is used when making the screen, but thanks to its resolution and color support the display will provide a great performance.

Besides a great display the smartphone is packed with a MTK6753 octa-core processor running at 1.3GHz frequency. It is also paired with a 3GB of RAM and Mali-T720 GPU. The ROM is 32GB, but there is an opportunity for memory expansion via TF card up to 32GB.

Seems all the latest Chinese smartphone come with the same dual camera – a 5MP camera on the front and a 13MP back camera. Of course, the main camera comes with autofocus, flashlight and other features.

Doogee T5 (5)

Connectivity is at the highest level for this handsets, as the Doogee T5 supports 802.11a/b/g/ WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and a list of 2G/3G/4G bands like FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM.

Now it’s time for the second key feature of the Doogee T5. The phone is equipped with a 4500mAh large capacity battery that is capable of providing 20 hours of talk time, 46 hours of playing music, 2.5 day of common use, and 20 days of standby mode. Wow! Thanks to 5V/2A technology the phone will charge too fast and Doze and App of Android will close all the programs that have not been used for a long time.

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Doogee T5 Software and Special Features

The handset comes with Android 6.0 pre-installed. Not digging in Google’s mobile operating system I have to say the device has got App Permission that allows users to protect your phone from malware and as I said, Doze and App increases standby time. Moreover, the Doogee T5 allows users to lock all the programs with a password thanks to DG security feature.

Doogee T5 (6)1

When talking about design elements I mentioned there are two covers you can change anytime you want, the same can be said about the UI. So when you choose the sports cover, you can choose the sporty UI that is more colorful and effected by pop art. And when choosing a crocodile texture business look, you can change the UI to the metallic business style to make a perfect harmony.

Doogee T5 (13)1

The Doogee T5 has an IP67 certificate, which means it is waterproof and dustproof. However, the water and dust are not the only dangers a smartphone can meet in a day, so the manufacturer has made it very solid. You can check out the video below to find out how tough this handset is.

Doogee T5 Pricing

The phone is not cheap in comparison with other Chinese smartphones. If you follow us, you should be aware of the list if high-end smartphones available for a penny. But the Doogee T5 is not from that list. On the other hand, it’s difficult to find a rugged smartphone packed with such features and costing $230. So I guess the price tag deserves the phone.


  • IP67 certificate
  • 4500mAh battery
  • Changeable back covers
  • Octa-core processor
  • Rugged screen


  • Standard 5MP and 13MP cameras
  • Design


It’s quite difficult to find a high-end smartphone that can resist everyday dangers, sports a long lasting battery, and come at a low price tag. But thanks to the Doogee T5 we can say there is at least one handset powered with all the abovementioned features, plus there are a number other useful features as well. So do not be surprised to see this handset out of stock in the near future.


Argam Artashyan

Back in 2010, he was dismissed from his position as a lecturer at the university. This made him get another job at his friend’s digital marketing company as a blog writer. After a few years, when he was thinking the article writing is his mission, Google pushed the Panda update and affected the company and websites he was working at. (Un)fortunately and surprisingly, he got an offer to head a large knitting factory. In 2016, he got his Ph.D. and resumed teaching at the University … and writing tech-related articles following his passion.


  1. It seems to become aware of versions of processor Blackview R6 – he declared MT6737T, but the question is – he pulls 1920/1080 screen?

    1. Doogee T5 is a good smartphone, but I prefer UHANS-H5000 its price just $109.99. He has a better processor and more memory, and he’s already in pre-sales.

  2. it is 5.0 Inch,I like big screen,vkworld t1 plus with 6-inch,it must be good for watching movies and playing games.

  3. i think vkworld T1 plus <3 beater for this phone 😛
    vkworld T1 Plus features exquisite aluminum unibody design…

    1. Doogee T5 in fact inferior Uhans H5000 to these parameters. I can not say anything about the reliability of the

  4. Not as rugged as advertised. Mine got cracks in the case from falling from the bedside table on to a carpeted surface. The case is just too brittle with no dampening at all and good look finding a cade for this phone!

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