DOOGEE T3 4G review, specifications, features

Smartphone market is currently full of different manufacturers. Each of them offers hundred models at different price. So when it comes to buying a new smartphone many customers can’t decide what smartphone has the most favorable features. As a result, many of those users either stick at a popular brand like Apple or prefer devices with eye-catching design. But there are a number of smartphone makers that provide outstanding devices at an acceptable price. If you don’t think so, I’ve chosen a special product that is going to launch on August 10 – the Doogee T3 4G Coffee. Thus you have time to get acquainted with its key features and put a pre-order.

The Doogee T3 4G is also known as Coffee due to its cover. As you can see, it comes with a very unique design that has many common lineaments with good old Vertu smartphones. Though the Doogee T3 Coffee is not Vertu, it sports many features that can give the go-by to Nokia’s former brand.

doogee t3 4g leather cover

The Doogee T3 Coffee is equipped with a 4.7 inch HD screen at 1280×720 pixels that means everything will be displayed on it perfectly. The smartphone is also packed with an octa-core MTK6753 64 bit processor, i.e. the device will response even from the first touch making no inconvenience when using it. It’s also great for 3D heavy games. As for memory, the Doogee T3 comes with a 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM that is enough for everyday use. Moreover, you have to say good bye to tedious loading. The next feature you should be aware of refers to its connectivity – the phone supports Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, A-GPS, and 4G bands. I am not talking about 2G and 3G bands that are supported by the phone as well. There are two SIM card slots and both of them are active, so you don’t have to worry about your second phone number when talking via the first one. Not surprisingly, the phone comes with a USB Type C that is one of the fastest and easiest ways for data transfer – it is able to transfer 1 GB data within 10 seconds. Finally, it features a 3200mAh Polymer battery, which provides standby time for about 2-3 days.

doogee t3 inside

Unfortunately, there is a disadvantage that I’ve decided to talk about at the bottom. The Doogee T3 Coffee sports only a 13MP camera on the back and 5MP front facing camera. And if the rear camera is acceptable, I guess the back camera yields its main competitors.

doogee t3 cameras

As for dimensions, the Doogee T3 Coffee comes at 142x72x11cm that means it’s very comfortable for mid-size hands. It also weighs at 148 gram.

doogee t3 dimensions

Besides all the aforementioned features there are a few ones that make the Doogee T3 4G Coffee to stand out. First, the phone has a 0.96 inch top screen that gives an additional charm to its awesome design. Don’t know what it can show (maybe the caller’s number or messages), but the time will be displayed on it undoubtedly. Obviously, dual screen smartphones are matter of taste. I even remember a few years ago a Russian manufacturer launched a smartphone with two opposite screens. And though one of them was a secondary screen not providing many features, it looked gorgeous. Unfortunately, that smartphone didn’t get much popularity, and I’m afraid the Doogee T3 4G can achieve the same fate. Even the manufacturer mentions that the second screen was added after deep consideration. However, as the manufacturer says, life mustn’t be one-sided, so they decided to design a smartphone that will bring more personality and freedom into the grey life.

doogee 73 dual screen

Behind common features like calling, texting and time, the Doogee T3 4G has a pedometer and a widget that shows the calories you burnt.

doogee t3 7 functions

The next astonishing feature of the Doogee T3 4G is Android 6.0 coming installed on the phone. Of course, it’s updatable and once Google launches updates for its primary mobile OS, this phone will get some of them as well. However, before it happens and Google fixes bugs discovered in Android 6.0, you can stay calm when it comes to malware. This handset supports DG security system that is announced to be the world’s most secure smartphone system. It protects your address and GPS location from a number of malicious apps.

doogee t3 4g security

Moreover, there is a strong protection if the phone is stolen. This can be implemented by setting a password for all the programs. It will protect your phone and data when your device appears in hands of someone you don’t trust. However, if you have forgotten the password, it should be reset. On the other hand, if the handset is stolen you can use this feature to remove all the information remotely.

doogee t3 4g security 2

Though I’ve mentioned at the middle at the post that the back camera can overshadow the prestige of the Doogee T3 4G, many think the manufacturer has packed it with a great camera. They prove that thanks to PDAF phase focusing users only have to wait a couple of seconds before the feature focuses then they can take awesome picture by one tap. It’s also praised due to a large f2.2 aperture that helps users take more refined pictures as well.

doogee t3 4g back camera

Though many smartphone makers avoid using leather covers, this one didn’t do that. I can say it’s a matter of taste, as many users buy leather cases for their smartphones, so why don’t launch a phone with it? As the manufacturer mentions, there are more than 100 kinds of lather that can be used for making smartphone covers, but they have chosen calfskin.

doogee t3 4g leather cover

The Doogee T3 4G also offers an attractive way to show notifications. Unlike other smartphones that have a notification led on upper hand side of screen, the manufacturer has put it below the screen.

doogee t3 4g notification led

As you see the Doogee T3 4G can be perfect budget smartphone equipped with a lot of outstanding features. It’s expected to launch on August 10 at a price tag of $199.99 (€178.27). So if you think this handset is what you’ve been looking for do not miss your chance and put a pre-order right now.

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