DOOGEE S60 with Stereo Speaker May Replace Your Outdoor Speaker.

Outdoor enthusiasts always carry outdoor speakers when outside for an adventure, and relax with some pleasant music, or have a party when camping. Although Bluetooth speaker becomes more and handier as technology develops, it still easily runs out of battery when outside for several days. And here we find DOOGEE S60, which can take the place of your Bluetooth speaker. Probably it may surprise you, I’m not talking about the outdoor speaker, but a rugged phone. You can see in the picture, two big stereo speaker lay on the back of this phone. It is said that it was inspired by the classic design of Hummer’s air intake to pay respect to the spirit of hegemony, rough and gameness.

DOOGEE S60 delivers a crystal stereo sound by the professional audio controller and high sensitivity boombox. According to DOOGEE official, the stereo speaker in this phone is louder than most of the outdoor speaker in the market, up to 102 decibels, which means you can still clearly listen to the voice 50 meters away.

The music stopping abruptly due to running out of power may be an unpleasant memory, so a long battery life seems definitively important. DOOGEE S60 carries a 5580mAh battery, providing 30 days standby times. Besides, this rugged phone supports OTG charging and can be used as a power bank. S60 came with MTK Helio P25, an octa-core up to 2.5 GHz clocking speed. As far as we know, Helio P25 is excellent performance and often known for power-saving from a system with 16nm FinFET technology.


Except for stereo sound and long battery life, s60 may help you survive in the harsh wilderness. The alarm function is carried by this rugged phone, this tool will help your send warnings alarm when encountering attacking wild animals or in others dangerous situation. With 102 decibels loud speaker, S60 obviously can make some noise.

And here is the chance for you to win Doogee S60 FOR FREE! All you need to do is to select the answers below and enter your email address to submit! DOOGEE will randomly choose 3 candidates who selected all the correct answers to send them the S60 on Sep 18th!

DOOGEE S60 introduction video



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  1. It doesn’t have a stereospeaker!!! One of the sound hole is just fake, i fact, lots of people complaining that it’s has very bad, low, muffled sound thru tht SINGLE speaker!!! I was just abot to buy one becuse of the supposed stereo “big” sound, but started to check it out in real reviews and youtubecipl that clearley shows…that it’s not stereo with two speakers, it’s only one and that one sounds pretty bad, you can loosen up the protectingcover for the micrusb port, and that SINGLE speaker sounds a little bit better 🙂

  2. the Doogee S60 I received is doing great except that the stereo speakers do not work proper!
    it seems that only one works(Just one speaker, not stereo.) and is not loud enough,I seen on the internet that it is not the only my case all S60 tell it’s with 1 speaker!!! check

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