Doogee Mix Plus will arrive in October and will be the first with Android™ Oreo

Mobile phones without frames are fashionable. In this 2017 most, if not all brands, have launched a mobile without frames. The Doogee company was not far behind. 2 months ago introduced the Doogee Mix, a mobile that has surprised the community, not only for its cost but for the experience in general. Not content with them, they announced that some version of the Doogee Mix would arrive soon. Today, Doogee reaffirms that the Doogee Mix Plus will attend in October and that will bring surprises with him.

In this market, constant renewal is essential. Therefore, the company has decided that a mobile with a sketch still more improved and with some screen bigger will be the best option. In this way, the Doogee Mix Plus will be some improved version not only in the monitor of the Doogee Mix.

Doogee Mix Plus: Android ™ Oreo Stock and even more powerful

Doogee has decided that this latest mobile will come with Android ™ Oreo stock and will not receive the Doogee custom interface. This decision is some of the best that the company has done. Android Oreo is one of the versions with more improvements in performance and its use will benefit even more.

As for the screen, the Doogee Mix Plus will go from a 16: 9 ratio of the Doogee Mix to 18: 9. This ratio would help to use the entire panel leaving a small edge up and down. In addition, in the front panel, as well as in the rear, the Doogee Mix Plus owns double cameras. In the rear panel, Doogee reaffirms that it owns the cameras in the vertical position with a fingerprint reader just below.

Doogee Mix Plus

The strength of this Doogee Mix Plus would also come improved. As the company reasserts, it will presumably come with MediaTek’s recent Helio P23. This processor has been introduced recently and would arrive with 8 cores and support for 2K screens.

Doogee also said that the third (after the MIX and MIX Lite) smartphone series will receive a different display format: instead of the frameless on three sides of the 16: 9 panel, the gadget will receive a screen with an aspect ratio of 18: 9 and narrow indentations from above and below.

Doogee Mix Plus

Finally, the recent Doogee Mix Lite, the most affordable version of the Mix, will be officially on sale next week. This mobile will be sold in the Top 100 of Aliexpress. In relation to the Doogee Mix Plus, we understand that it will arrive sometime during the month of October. 


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