Don’t have an App for a Chinese Sport Cam? Final Cam is here

No doubt, Chinese sport cameras are packed with some exciting features for a negligible price. Features includes a 4K video recording, HDR mode, AF, WiFi etc. But what if they lack an official application? An application to control them from a phone. This is a major drawback for many Chinese manufacturers. But that problem is solved. How? Well, today we’re going to bring an Android application under discussion which supports most of the Chinese sport cams. The app is named as Final Cam – we know that it’s not that popular but seriously it’s better to have something than nothing.

Final Cam media

Final Cam is the best App for any unknown Chinese Sport Cam

We tested this app on an unknown Chinese SportCam. We wanted to know about the technical aspects and the name of brand of the that terminal. Thus, a Sportcam with only a WiFi, enabled us to know about the specs of the unknown sport camera.

Why we preferred Final Cam over others?

We considered Final Cam as our first priority for a sport cam’s app, due to the following reasons:

  1. Easily connected via WiFi: You don’t need to have a specific sport camera to use Final Cam. All you need is an unknown sport cam with WiFi. Through WiFi the cam gets connected to the phone and to the application. It’s quite simple to connect it with the application.
  2. Simple UI (user interface): The application is manageable. In other words Final Cam provides a straightforward functionality – no need to roam here and there for setting functions. The best part is that the version is in English (some in Chinese), so there’s no confusion while using it.
  3. It’s absolutely free: What’s the problem of trying an app which is free of cost? You can download Final Cam from the Play Store without any charges.

Settings of Final Cam for the Android users


We want to inform our readers that this is not an official app for all Chinese sport cams. This is why all the features of a cam are not visible in Final Cam. In short, the app has limited options. It is limited to the photos having 12 MP (max) and a 1080p recording. Although in recording the max video resolution is 720p but when a 1080p sport camera gets connected to the app, the recording automatically supports 1080p.



As you can see that the interface is really simple. Like the traditional camera app it has a red button in the center to start a video. On the left is the camera icon which enables the user to capture pictures. And the button next to the camera icon is the ISO settings (brightness).

Final Cam video list

Also the app allows to see all the pictures inside the cam. Finally, when we emerge from the application, the synchronized cameras will be saved and we can connect to more, easily.



Well, for a specific audience who are deprived of an official app of their sport cam, Final Cam is the best alternative to use. It’s simple, easily connected and free.

You can download it from the play store.



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  1. For what it’s worth..
    I just connected the cam…I use a Samsung Galaxy 7
    Very surprised it all works together very well.
    Just need to put an SD card into it first.
    I found it also helps to restart the phone for the initial connection, after that it jumps to connect.
    Cheap cam and a free working App…how can I complain ?

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