Dodocool Wireless Charger with a fantastic discount for 11.11 (coupon)

Dodocool presents interesting devices in attractive promotions for your pocket, such as the Dodocool Mini Wireless Speaker, a mini speaker that will offer us a unique experience and in this case, the protagonist of this article is the Dodocool Wireless Charger, who comes to us on the occasion of  the 11.11 with a discount of 25% in the Amazon store, for this reason, we invite you to stay with us to delve into this fabulous product.

Dodocool Wireless Charger

Dodocool Wireless Charger: Design and features

The Dodocool Wireless Charger is designed especially for cars. It shows an aspect in accordance with the car, presenting a pleasant image that stays in harmony. The product is entirely black.

Dodocool Wireless Charger: Design and features

The Dodocool Wireless Charger gives us the options, offering 3 pieces adaptable to the main base (mounting suction cup), also, they can rotate 360 °, being even easier to manipulate to check our device or play music from the mobile.

It is easy and practical to use, you do not need a manual to understand its complexity, we just have to choose the support of our need, proceed to connect to the power adapter, select the load option you want and we will be charging our Smartphone.

Finally, we are facing a smart device, because when reaching the maximum temperature of 140 ° F, it automatically shuts off and once the temperature drops, the charging process will begin. Finally, it is a very light equipment, ideal to carry anywhere, since it only weighs: 358 g.

Dodocool Wireless Charger: Design and features

Where to buy it?

Currently, we can buy the Dodocool Wireless Charger on Amazon with an incredible discount of 25% by applying the following coupon (JJDX4GJR), going from €19.99 to only €14.99 ($17.04). Like any offer, this has a time limit, ending on November 15, so we suggest you hurry since only 50 copies of this fascinating device are available. Then we will leave the purchase link in case you are interested in this product:

Buy the Dodocool Wireless Charger on Amazon

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