Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier, at a great price of $10.34 (Coupon)

Dodocool offers us a greater range of options when it comes to technology, being the Dodocool Mini Speaker wireless one of its most striking products to date, a small speaker that delights us with surround sound, but as expected, this is not all, for today’s appointment, we have a device designed to take care of our skin, the Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier, a product that stands out for its design for an incredible price, so we invite you to continue with us during this reading.

Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier: Box

The Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier comes in a box with dimensions of 16 x 9 x 7.4 cm, so this is a small bulky package, within it we will find the following:

  • 1x Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x User’s manual

Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier: Design

Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier: Design

The Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier has an elongated design that takes the style of a small bottle, which is presented in a fairly standard black color, so it combines perfectly with any environment, whether at work, home or even in our vehicle. On the other hand, we must mention that it has a weight of only 141 grams, confirming its wide portability and finally, on the front, we will appreciate the name of the manufacturer written in white letters, making a contrast with the background.

Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier: Protection against water leakage

Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier, at a great price of $10.34 6

The Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier comes equipped with a protection system against water leakage. The circuit board is properly separated from the water cup, preventing them from touching each other.

Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier, at a great price of $10.34 6

Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier: Characteristics

The Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier works by means of a USB cable, in fact, its particularity lies in its compatibility with any USB source, since it will allow us to connect it to a standard charger, a powerbank, a laptop, a vehicle charger, among others options. Another important point is that it will turn off automatically when the water levels are below the allowable limit, so we should not worry about falling asleep while using it.

Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier, at a great price of $10.34 6

Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier: How to use it?

The Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier is extremely easy to use, all we have to do is pour the water inside it, connect it to a power source with USB compatibility and turn it on. It is worth mentioning that we have 2 modes of use available, the first of which is the continuous fog mode, which offers us a 3-hour use time and is notable for maintaining a humid environment for 3 consecutive hours, ideal to refresh our skin. While the second option, is the intermittent fog mode and this opts for a longer use time than the previous one, reaching 7 hours with rest intervals of 10 seconds. 

Availability and purchase

Currently, we can acquire the Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier on Amazon with an incredible discount of 31% just by applying the following coupon (Y4JBXYOV), going from €12.99 to only €8.99  ($10.34). Like any deal, this has a time limit, ending on October 18, so we suggest you hurry since only 100 units of this fascinating device are available. Then we will leave the purchase link in case you are interested in this product:

Coupon Code: Y4JBXYOV

Buy the Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier on Amazon

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