Dodocool Solar Lamp, a device that offers an illumination of up to 520 lumens for an incredible price [+coupon]

When we talk about products designed for the home, Dodocool is emerging as one of the most important options on the market, because they offer us excellent devices to enjoy a more comfortable life. One of these representatives is the Dodocool Ultrasonic Humidifier, a humidifier with excellent design and amazing functions, but this is not all, they can still improve the bet with the Dodocool Solar Lamp and as the name implies, we are dealing with a solar lamp that stands out above average, but its greatest attraction is its dream discount price.

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Dodocool Solar Lamp - Amazon deal

Dodocool Solar Lamp: Design

The Dodocool Solar Lamp opts for a minimalist design, which allows it to fit in any place thanks to its dark tone. It is made of polycarbonate, a material that gives it an excellent resistance against shock, falls and scratches, although we can not abuse this feature ’cause we do not know its inflection point. In addition, we must mention that it has an IPX5 certificate, so it offers a resistance to water, being ideal for being outdoors. The on/off button and the motion sensor are located on the front.

Dodocool Solar Lamp - Amazon deal

About its dimensions, it has 7.80 inches long, 3.07 inches high, 4.56 inches wide and has a weight of 540 grams, being extremely practice to move anywhere, shaping as an incredibly portable product.

Dodocool Solar Lamp - Amazon deal

Dodocool Solar Lamp: Battery

The Dodocool Solar Lamp comes equipped with a high-efficiency solar panel, which can transform up to 17% of the light it receives, is more than enough to charge the 2600mAh of the battery. It must always be located outdoors or in places where you can receive sunlight as long as possible, giving it the possibility to recharge at all times.

Dodocool Solar Lamp - Amazon deal

Dodocool Solar Lamp: Mode of use

The Dodocool Solar Lamp has 2 modes of use, which are slightly different. The first of them is the W mode and this is characterized by turning on the light when the motion sensor is activated, turning off automatically after 10 seconds. While the second mode is called S and it repeats the same procedure as the first, it only takes a little longer to turn off after the motion sensor turns on.

Dodocool Solar Lamp - Amazon deal

Dodocool Solar Lamp: Installation

The Dodocool Solar Lamp is incredibly easy to install, it has 2 slots that are located on the top and these have the right diameter to place 2 screws, so the only thing we have to do, is to drill the area where we will place our lamp and then will screw the lamp on it.

Dodocool Solar Lamp - Amazon deal

Dodocool Solar Lamp: Amazon deal

The Dodocool Solar Lamp is available at the well-known online store at a price of €19.99 ($20.03). However, this time, if you apply an additional discount coupon, you can take it home with an incredible 30% discount for only €12.99 ($14.97). In case you are interested and to make your shopping experience easier and faster, below we leave you the direct link to the product next to the discount coupon.

Coupon DiscountUH8QW3TF

You must hurry to not miss this great opportunity that will be valid until October 18 with a limited stock of only 100 units.

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