Pictures of DJI Smartwatch (Drone-Controlling) Surfaced Online

Recently, we received some photos, which are said to be of the DJI smartwatch, assembled to control the drones. Viewers can see the front and back in the pictures clearly to craft an idea about the design and build. The smartwatch prints the brand logo at the bottom side.

DJI is a prestigious name in the drone industry with a massive portfolio of features-packed smart drones. It has turned a household brand when it comes to building commercial drones. The Chinese maker is also striving to maintain its dominating position by introducing several easy-to-use and quality-rich devices over time.

When it comes to the DJI drone section, we have seen various software improvements like the introduction of the DJI Fly App etc. Further, it also strives to simplify the flying process so that even an amateur user can handle the drone effectively. Now, the brand has come with the smartwatch support to facilitate smooth functionality.

Dji Smartwatch

The DJI Smartwatch for drone brings unusual design, capturing circular dial with a bezel extending long to the top right corner. This extension seems to host a tiny joystick to control the drone most probably.

Back in March 2018, the smartwatch first appeared, when DJI patented the design. As per the pictures, the watch will come with a display, a circuit board and five-dimensional buttons.

At the bottom, you can see four pins, which are most likely the charging point of the watch. Also, the watch bears one physical button on the left side and two on the right side.

If the patent is true, then the smartwatch is meant to control the drone, but we are still unknown of some of its technical features as well. Similarly, we also have no words on its launch and availability.

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