DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal PTZ Camera 4K 60fps Smart Shooting Offered For $405.16

On November 29, DJI officially released the DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal in Beijing. This gimbal camera features lightweight, portable, three-axis stable and high-quality pictures. The Osmo camera comes with a very compact design. It just has the length of 12.19 cm, which is nearly the length of a normal smartphone. There is a camera lens on the top, which is equipped with a 3-axis stabilized gimbal. The bottom part is the gimbal control stick. The total weight of the Osmo camera is just 116g.

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DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal PTZ Camera design

Through 3-axis brushless motor gimbal technology, the mechanical stabilizer of the pocket Osmo camera can be adjusted in real time according to the camera position, which will not only ensure high-quality shooting pictures, but also can provide you with stable and smooth video. Through the stabilization effect of the 3-axis stabilizer, it has a greater advantage to shoot at night compared with the electronic anti-shake. In terms of lens quality, the pocket Osmo camera is equipped with a 1/2.3 inch CMOS with 12 million pixels, supporting multiple shooting formats, such as 1080p 30fps, 1080p 60fps, 4K 60fps, etc.

DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal PTZ Camera 4K 60fps Smart Shooting- Black EU Edition

The DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal PTZ Camera has a touchable display screen. Double tap the screen, the active track follows, which make it easy to shoot the dynamic videos. Besides, users can adjust the direction of the lens by sliding the screen to achieve more flexible video shooting. According to the DJI’s official data, this Osmo Pocket Gimbal PTZ Camera can last for 140 minutes under the 1080p 30fps video recording, which can basically meet the needs of most users. Despite the above shooting effects, DJI has also added a variety of shooting modes for this Osmo Pocket Gimbal PTZ Camera, such as panoramic photography, timelapse shooting, Story mode, FPV mode and so on. In Story mode, users can achieve one-key intelligent beauty. In FPV mode, it can simulate the first-person view.

the story mode of DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal PTZ Camera

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At the same time, with the DJI’s dedicated app, users can directly connect the Osmo pocket camera with their iPhone or Android smartphone. After finishing the connection, users can quickly transmit the video stored in Osmo. At the same time, the smartphone screen can also be used as a larger monitor to achieve more accurate shooting. What’s more, users can edit the video and share it on the social platforms through their phones. Despite the Osmo itself, DJI has also added a complete set of accessories to it, such as extension rod, waterproof case, charging case, and so on, which greatly improves the user’s playability.

DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal PTZ Camera 4K 60fps Smart Shooting- Black EU Edition

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Main Features:

  • Osmo Pocket PTZ Camera
    This is the smallest 3-axis mechanical stabilization pan-tilt camera in DJI. Lightweight, portable, smart. Equipped with a separate screen for easy shooting, recording life has become simple and fun.
  • 3-axis Mechanical Stabilization Gimbal
    Thanks to the real-time control to the brushless motor, the gimbal makes high-precision adjustment and compensation according to the camera attitude, achieving a large lossless anti-shake, shooting film-like smooth and stable picture. Resolve the problem of shaking videos from traditional device or bad quality images from electronic stabilization devices.
  • Small Body, Outstanding Performance
    It snaps photos in stunning detail, thanks to a 1/1.2-inch sensor, 80-degree FOV, and f/2.0 aperture. It can also shoot 4K/60fps video at 100Mpbs and photos at 12MP with a pixel size of 1.55um for footage worth sharing every time.
  • Image New Time
    Integration design gimbal adn camera, the Pocket Osmo is simple and compact, the lines are smooth and elegant. Embrace an extraordinary shooting experience.

DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal PTZ Camera 4K 60fps Smart Shooting- Black EU Edition

  • Micro Machined Gimbal
    The Pocket Osmo uses a smaller micro brushless motor with a shake suppression accuracy of + / – 0.005 degrees. The micro-scale machining process breaks through the limitations of structure and volume, and achieves the smallest 3-axis mechanical pan / tilt camera in the history of DJI.
  • T-type Heat Dissipation Design
    Fanless silent passive cooling solution, “T-type” thermal conduction system, allowing heat to be quickly and efficiently conducted to the non-grip area, the camera runs for a long time, high performance and stable without pressure.
  • Shooting
    Ergonomically designed for full grip with one hand. The curvature fits the palm and feels comfortable. The touch screen is combined with the physical buttons to bring a quick and simple control experience, and the shooting is handy.
  • Extension Port
    The well-designed multi-function expansion interface, which is connected directly to the mobile phone to open more games, can also be connected with rich smart accessories, adapt to more scenes, unlock more possibilities.

Where To Buy The DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal

The DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal is currently available on Gearbest for $405.12 and depending on your destination, it can be delivered for free.



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