DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Smart Foldable Gimbal launched for Smartphones

The Chinese tech giant DJI just revealed Osmo Mobile 3 for $119 in the US. Additionally, the company also launched a combo for $139. The combo covers one Osmo Carrying Case and a dedicated Osmo Grip Tripod in the pack.

Further, the latest Osmo Mobile 3 smartphone gimbal offers a couple of cool features for hardware and software. It comes in a foldable design, which ensures to use less space.

The device also provides a pair of dedicated modes like Story Mode, Sport Mode and also supports ActiveTrack 3.0 and some gestures.

Overall, the new gimbal brings some improved features over the previous Osmo Mobile 2. It already adopts a wrist strap, four anti-slip pads, and a storage pouch along with the gimbal itself.

Osmo Mobile 3 Features

As per the spec-sheet announcement, the major highlight of the device is its foldable design. In fact, the foldability solved out lots of problems we face in the Osmo Mobile 2 version. It makes the device more portable and compact than ever.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3

Further, the DJI has also changed the charging port of the Osmo Mobile 3. Now, it is in the USB Type-C form instead of the microUSB. In addition to these, the company also adds some other cool features like Sports Mode, Story Mode, Quick Roll, ActiveTrack 3.0 etc.

You can see that ActiveTrack 3.0 and Gesture Control are adopted from the drones. Both of the technologies make it easy to shoot a video without any help. We have also witnessed something similar to Sports Mode in the previous model. It allows the gimbal to keep track of the fast activities.

Like the previous model, the Osmo Mobile 3 also comes with a 3-axis Gimbal. Moreover, it provides special features like Panorama, Hyperlapse Hyper, Dolby Zoom, Quick Role, and some others.

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