DJI OSMO Action Camera Review: Big challenge for GoPro

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The DJI OSMO Action Camera is practically indistinguishable to the GoPro Hero 7 Black. In any case, the term ‘nearly’ is the significant part. In certain zones, for example, the capacity to shoot at 4K/60 without a fisheye look is better. While in different territories, for example, its remote availability and cell phone application, it’s not as aggressive as GoPro.

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DJI osmo Action Camera

Obviously, there have been numerous participants to this market throughout the years. However no one has been situated a similar way that DJI is. To state the organization possesses the buyer ramble market would be the modest representation of the truth of the year. There’s no organization that is assembled only the privilege adjoining business sector to storm in. They make strong activity cameras, with the Hero 7 Black. The previous fall being by a long shot the best they’ve at any point made. The inquiry is does the DJI OSMO Action Camera measure up to the GoPro Hero 7 Black?

For that, let’s dive in:

Features and Specification:

The DJI OSMO Action Camera has two major points of interest over other activity cameras – it’s by a long shot the most easy to use I’ve utilized and it has a front shading screen for movement vlogging, if that is your thing.

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DJI osmo Action Camera

There are better vlogging cameras around – the DJI OSMO Action Camera v  generally little 1/2.3-inch sensor and opening mean it’s no counterpart for a camera like the Canon EOS M50, or even DJI’s Osmo Pocket, as far as quality. In any case, at that point you can only with significant effort take those surfing or mount them on a climbing protective cap.


Like the GoPro Hero 7 Black, there are two receivers (one on the top, another as an afterthought), which give acceptable sound. In the event that you need dependably great sound quality however, you’ll need to connect the 3.5mm connector that DJI says is seeking the Osmo Action.

DJI osmo Action Camera

Since the Osmo Action’s casing utilizes the widespread two dimensional mount, it’s good with countless gathering adornments – including numerous GoPro ones.

One last design reward is its removable battery. The component for this tapping the two hooks either side of it at first felt like it could be a shaky area for the waterproofing, and you do need to be cautious that the locks are flush with the base. Be that as it may, I had no occurrences with this, and the Osmo Action endure a long ocean swim without any issues.

DJI osmo Action Camera

Like the GoPro Hero 7 Black, you can revive the battery on-the-fly utilizing an outer battery pack (this takes around an hour and a half), or simply swap in an extra one.

Picture Quality of DJI osmo Action Camera:

Picture quality all in all is extremely fair and engaging, and the Osmo Action bolsters a scope of goals and edge rates. The new DJI can shoot at up to 4K 60p, 2.7K goals for up to 60p. And up to 240 casings for every second moderate movement in 1080p. In day-light the video bitrate never goes higher than 100Mbps in H.264 codec. You can see impressive relics – particularly in the excessively moderate movement modes.

DJI osmo Action Camera

By and large, in spite of the accessible D-Cinelike method of the Osmo Action, the picture looks somewhat over-honed in high complexity circumstances. The over-honing likewise intensifies clamor in the shadows, in certain circumstances. Sadly, there is at present no real way to diminish the honing in the Osmo Action. Truth be told, there are no extra picture control which separates transforming from a contrasty, beautiful “Standard” to a compliment, less immersed D-Cinelike picture profile. You can, in any case, change the shade and ISO and set those physically.

We trust that DJI will give us powers over these settings – like in the Osmo Pocket or their Mavic rambles – through a firmware update soon. It’s truly required and we think there is space for advancement with the general picture, particularly the sharpness settings.

DJI osmo Action Camera

The Osmo Action can associate with a cell phone by means of wi-fi. In the DJI Mimo application, which was refreshed to help the Osmo Action notwithstanding the Osmo Pocket. You get a decent see screen of the camera. There are, nonetheless, no extra camera settings that you can’t as of now get to by means of the camera itself – with the exception of a Denoise alternative.

DJi Action camera Smartphone application:

The cell phone friend application is without inquiry the weakest purpose of the OSMO Action environment. The application is precisely the same application that DJI utilized for the OSMO Pocket small gimbal. With the exception of now the deficiencies of the application become progressively evident in an activity camera setting. Be it burdensome remote matching/network, or failure to exchange certain video types to your telephone, its majority feels insane.

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DJI osmo Action Camera

What’s amusing about this is many would contend GoPro (DJI’s solitary significant rival here) additionally has a cumbersome application. At the point when the DJI App is seen in light of the GoPro application, it turns out to be clear how frequently the rudiments come up short. In any case, how about we begin toward the starting: Connectivity.

Camera test

Where this begins to turn into a genuine test is the point at which you place your camera in a difficult to achieve area, planning to stop/begin recording later. For instance on the facade of your vehicle, or maybe up in a tree for a novel point while you complete a bicycle hop. When the OSMO Action rests a moment later it’s all finished. There’s no technique to associate it once more. What’s more, the equivalent applies for commonplace things. The things such as needing to download recordings/photographs from your camera. While it’s still in your rucksack squished under the plane seat before you (like me at this accurate minute).

DJI osmo Action Camera

Need to download 4K/60 film? Nope, you can’t. You can change over it to 1080p, or not download it by any means. GoPro has no such limitation as long as your telephone has the space for it. What’s more, some recording, you can’t download that by any stretch of the imagination. It simply hard-squares and says probably not.

Once you download it, it will go into your camera roll naturally, just as into DJI’s film producer work, which enables you to cut up video cuts together.


All in all, DJI genuinely with the Osmo Action has surprised us. A zone where GoPro, regardless of every one of its issues lately, is as yet the market head. With the DJI Osmo Action, I have an inclination that GoPro is getting a contender.

The Osmo Action isn’t immaculate, and despite everything I lean toward the picture from a GoPro. There are a progression of compelling noteworthy developments in the Osmo Action that could persuade a great deal of existing GoPro clients to move up to the new DJI camera, as opposed to another GoPro. In the event that DJI figures out how to improve picture preparing, GoPro will have an intense contender with the Osmo Action.



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