[Discount] 360 S5 Smart Sweeping Robot – White

The 360 S5 Smart Sweeping Robot – White is one of the most intelligent devices available in the market right now. These smart little bots are designed keep your household neat & clean, keeping you out of misery of daily sweeping & cleaning.

The 360 S5 Smart Sweeping Robot has a state-of-the-art navigation system with LDS lider & SLAM Algorithm. It can avoid collision with furniture’s with its anti-collision system. It even has an anti-drop feature which allows it to easily lower spaces. It maps your entire home intelligently & even saves it in its memory to find the best cleaning path.

The 360 S5 Smart Sweeping Robot has a higher suction power which allows it to clean more efficiently. It automatically switches to a Max Mode of 2000 Pa when cleaning Carpets. The main brush of the brush is close to the floor giving it the full authorization to clean with maximum power & more flexibilities.

The 360 S5 Smart Sweeping Robot can be smartly controlled through smartphones using the APP smart control. It can be remote controlled & even scheduled to timing cleaning. There’s a Map management system that allows to control the robot where to clean, you can even give restricted areas to the smart bot.

When the 360 S5 Smart Sweeping Robot is running low on power the recharge task will automatically turn on. After being recharged it will automatically finish the last unfinished task. You don’t have to worry about the battery running low.

With a 110-minute-long lasting battery, four anti drop sensors & super intelligent mapping management it will most certainly be a perfect fit to your home. It will pass through bed sheets & curtains easily It will sweep the corners of your home with ease. This device is a must for every house.

The360 S5 Smart Sweeping Robots an outstanding device which will eradicate your worries of cleaning. This smart bot has a huge deal going on Gear best. It has an 11% discount on its price. The previous price of the device was $391.75, but now with the 11% discount, the price has dropped to$349.99. The flash sale is one for a limited period of time & even for limited stocked devices. So. hurry up & get this amazing device on the best price in the market.

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