Diggro N88 Smartwatch Review: A new budget challenger watch


The world is expanding with the advancements in the technology. The technology has advanced in every field of human’s day to day life. Japanese manufacturers are the one who has played a significant role in the advancement in the technology. As it is said, that the Japanese manufacturers always comes with the new technology. One of the manufacturers is Diggro which still provides the advanced gadgets.

The newest product launched by Diggro company is Diggro N88 smartwatch. Diggro announced its latest gadget Diggro N88 with the advanced features. In actual, there is not much advancement than other products on the market, but still, we got some additional features on the watch.

Diggro N88 smartphone

However, the customers who like to buy a cheap smartphone will want the product. As already said Diggro N88 is the advanced version of the smartwatches in the market. The advancement of the watch is not just in one sector of it, we mean not only in the body shape but also from features to straps.

Recently, the most advanced watch was shown in hands-on photos. All the users and the people in the technical sector admit that the product is incredible and no other product on the market could resist its charm. However, to prove this, we should go through the specification of the products following the images.

Let’s dive in:

Specifications of Diggro N88 smartwatch:

Unboxing the smartwatch:

When you got your box of the great smartwatch, you will see that the Diggro N88 watch comes with a white box. The white box of the smartwatch comes with the logo of the brand (Diggro) on the front of the pack you got. There is no any other thing that you can see on the box. An only sticker on the side of the box is pasted. The label contains the information about the model and the color of the brand.

Diggro N88 Smartwatch Review:

When you open the box, you can clearly see the smartwatch that is covered in the foam. The screen of the watch has a protective film or a wrap just like a dial interface. Another thing you get in the box is the booklet which contains all the information of the model starting from how to use it and other features. The booklet comes in various languages like English, German and Japanese.

Diggro N88 Smartwatch Review:


To start with the design sector, we begin with the shape of the smartwatch. The form of the smartwatch is the same as the other smartwatches in the market with small changes in rectangular design. The smartwatch is in a rectangular shape with the trimmed corners. The screen of the Diggro N88 smartwatch comes with the regular screen with IPS LCD screen. The display and the resolution of the screen are 240*240. This resolution of the watch is quite enough as compared to another watches. As this resolution provides you with an ultra clear view of the screen with a massive number of pixels.

The large screen of the watch provides the users with a bright and better quality of view of the screen. As per the latest technology and the coming smartwatches, the size of the watch is suitable for a person to use. The high definition IPS LCD picture gives you a better look than other smartwatches in this price.

Diggro N88 Smartwatch Review:

The rectangular design of the watch is the thing that catches the eyes of everyone, this shape makes it one of the most stylish watches at the first look. Along with this elegant look, the DIggro N88 smartwatch also looks like a sports watch, which can be worn in the office or the time of the workout. The overall look for this smartwatch is simple with an elegant and sporty silicone strap.

Diggro N88 Smartwatch Review:

The design of the gadget is the thing that brings the attention of customers which makes it one of the most stylish watches at the first look. Along with the elegant look, Diggro N88 watch also looks like a mini phone, which can be used in the office or the time of the workout. The overall look for this gadget is simple with an elegant look.

Physical support:

On the right-hand side of the watch, you can see that the buttons are provided by the Diggro company. These buttons give you the ability to use the watch not only with the touchscreen but also with physical support. You can use these buttons to receive the calls and also hang up the incoming calls.

Diggro N88 Smartwatch Review:

These buttons also make you eligible for going back to the homepage directly. A small press on the button will light up the screen and the long press on it will able you to turn ON/OFF the watch. Other than this you can also change the screen design by using these buttons on your new Diggro N88 smartwatch.


Heart rate monitoring sensor:

The heart rate monitoring sensor which depicts your nerve is provided on the back of the watch. The heart rate sensor always starts when you wear the watch, and it gets the proper nerve from your body. Even though you can see that the watch is made up of polycarbonate, this provides the premium look to your smartwatch.

Diggro N88 Smartwatch Review:

The silicone straps are replaceable, this quality of the watch gives you the eligibility of changing the straps of your choice. The silicone material is always a helpful product for customers as these are anti-allergic and better than the leather straps.


In the hardware section, we first talk about the display which comes regular screen and a new look to the watch. The smartwatch comes with the 240*240 resolution which helps in an ultra clear view. You also get a very perfect view when you view your watch under the sunlight. As already mentioned, the watch is made up of polycarbonate, this will protect your watch when it drops from a smaller height.

Diggro N88 Smartwatch Review:

The smartwatch gives you the strong battery of 700 mAh provides the user with 15 days of power in standby mode, which is not often in the watches. For the speed, the Diggro N88 watch works excellent with all the updated features in the market.


Softwares are the significant part of today’s world which actually have a considerable role to play in smartphones and smartwatches. The Diggro N88smartwatch requirement is  Android 4.4 or later software. If you are a user of iPhone, then you need to have iOS 8.0 or later. The smartwatch also provides you with the various connectivity options like Wifi, and Bluetooth.

Diggro N88 Smartwatch also comes with the Bluetooth function. This function helps the user to connect their device with other IOS or any OS Android device so that they are able to operate the smartwatch from their phone. You are able to receive and make the calls from your watch. Customers do not need to take out your big phones from your bag. You can check the messages on your phone.

Diggro N88 Smartwatch Review:

What you need to do is just connect your watch with your phone. But as already told that your phone must be a smartphone with Android 4.4 or later and if you are with iOS then it needs to be iOS 8.0 or later.

Moreover, it provides the user with 64 Gb of the storage memory, a vast space for a smartwatch to come with. A black side of it is the smartwatch does not support the sd-card. It means you have to adjust all your data in this 64Gb. The operating system takes away the internal space of 2Gb and you are left with 62Gb of internal space.


Diggro N88 Features:

Diggro N88 Smartwatch Review:

The new Diggro N88 smartwatch provides various sensors starting from sleep tracker. The sleep tracker helps you to track your sleep and stable your health by providing you with the full track of sleep. You get your sleep track every day, and moreover, you get weekly track records of your sleep.

As already mentioned, the watch gives you the heart rate sensor. Along with the heart rate sensor, you get the additional feature of blood pressure monitoring. The blood pressure monitoring sensor able you to get on your nerve and provides you the details for your blood pressure when required.

Diggro N88 Smartwatch Review:


Other sensors which may surprise you are a geomagnetic sensor, three-axis accelerometer, and barometer. All these features of the smartwatch help you to track your steps while walking and also track your way home.

This is not all, another features that may feel you proud to have a watch are like reminders. The new Diggro N88 smartwatch provides all the reminders for your phone. The reminders may be call reminder, messages reminder, and sedentary reminder.


The additional feature this watch comes with is the Camera which is entirely different from other watches in the market. The camera also comes with the sensors, which means you can use your camera with just a shake of your wrist. You are able to take the photos with this shake of the wrist.

Diggro N88 Smartwatch Review:


The new Diggro N88 smartwatch has a camera of 2 MP that is given on the left side of the screen. You can get the average quality of images with this camera. This feature in the smartwatch provides you to capture the images and record the videos as well in the case of emergency.

Sports Loving:

The Digrro N88 watch is the best watch for the fitness-loving people as this provides them with the features like tracking the run, sleep, and heartbeats. Along with the activities like running, cycling and swimming.

The user is capable of viewing the detailed data for the running and walking or any other activity performed by the user. This is basically enough for the daily use for fitness-loving people. Taking the smartwatch to indoor and outdoor suggests to us that the watch should only be used outdoors. The reason for this is the GPS which only tracks the outdoor activities performed by the user.

Diggro N88 Smartwatch Review:

Generally, you should come with the outdoor activities like running, cycling and walking which is good for the watch to detect.



The Diggro N88 smartwatch has an inbuilt battery of 700 mAh. The size of the battery is sufficient for a smartwatch. Like, if you use the smartwatch with the battery consuming applications, you will need to charge the battery at the end of the day.

Diggro N88 Smartwatch Review:

Otherwise, you will not have to charge the battery for a whole long day. To charge your smartwatch, you just have to get your USB cable and connect it with the power source and place it on the back to charge this smartwatch. The small size of the battery helps you to charge the battery quickly.

Review and Conclusion:

Diggro N88 smartwatch in our review is a well-targeted product that is pretty much useful for the people engaged in sports activities. On another aspect, if someone does not want to spend a lot of money, this watch is the best option for them.

Digrro N88 smartwatch provides the user with the specific features despite less cost. If you need to buy a smart watch equipped with a lot of features and a decent look. The Diggro N88 smartwatch is the best option for you to order one now.




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