Diggro DI02: a sporty Smartwatch with an incredibly elegant design

Keeping fit has always been a topic of interest among many users, as the benefits that come with this lifestyle are coveted by many, because we must admit that we love to take our bodies to a new level, one in which we can become attractive to the eyes of those around us and more if we are looking for the eyes of a special person, although in some cases this is based on personal satisfaction, since a Fitness life can also be translated as health, but independently of all this, we must add that we have the ideal device to make our dreams come true, we are talking about the Smartwatches and one of the clearest examples of its performance is the Zeblaze Thor Pro 4, a beauty that features fantastic specifications, but as we always say, we can still improve the bet, since we have at our disposal the Diggro DI02. a Smartwatch that knows very well how to combine sport with elegance, so we ask you to stay with us in this section and get to know all its functions up close.

Diggro DI02

Diggro DI02: Box

The Diggro DI02 comes in a box with the following dimensions: 9.0 x 9.0 x 8.6cm and has a weight of 257 grams, so this is a very light package that should not be very expensive to ship, although we must consider the destination of delivery and the agency that we choose for it, and finally, within this box we will find everything necessary to enjoy our new acquisition:

  • 1x Diggro DI02
  • 1x Charger cable
  • 1x Multi-language user’s manual (English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish)

Diggro DI02: Design

The Diggro DI02 stands out in this aspect thanks to its conservative design, which specializes in giving an air of elegance which ends up leading to a refined structure, the latter being the key to its offer, which is why we can appreciate a perfect circumference in the front that is accompanied by a sweetening relief that holds the glass of the screen.

On the other hand, the strap has 2 versions, in leather and metal, which allows us to choose a slight variant depending on our tastes and colors, and speaking of colors, this Smartwatch is available in black and silver, although, in our opinion, the latter conveys a more attractive style.

Diggro DI02

We must also add that this device offers some resistance since it is made of Zinc alloy, a material that is characterized by lightening the weight and withstand bumps, drops or scratches, although as we always say, we should not abuse this trait since we do not know its inflection point. As for ergonomics, we have to say that it has great dimensions, these being the following: 4.7 x 4.7 x 1.35cm and going to its weight, we have the following: 110 grams, which translates again as an ergonomic and lightweight device. This way we can use it as long as we want, without getting in our way or bothering us, therefore, it is made to fit our needs.


Diggro DI02

And finally, to close this section, it has the following peripherals and interfaces:

  • Port of charge
  • Microphone
  • Speaker

Diggro DI02: Screen

The Diggro DI02 opts for a 1.3-inch IPS touchscreen with a resolution of 240 × 240, apart from the fact that thanks to IPS technology it provides us with more vivid and clear colors, which prevents the loss and leakage of light, a problem that it tends to degrade the darker tones with the passage of time. As for its performance, this screen has enough space to interact comfortably with all its functions and it responds with gentle touches, which translates into an exceptional performance that will undoubtedly be very useful when we are in the middle of our exercise routine and we need to quickly enter the options menu.

Diggro DI02

Diggro DI02: Hardware

The Diggro DI02 falls a bit short in this aspect, since its technical section is far from being powerful, so it will only serve us to run applications that already featured by the default in the watch, neither more nor less. First, we have the processor, this being a MediaTek, specifically the MTK2502C that combines with a RAM of 128MB and a ROM of 64MB, unfortunately, the latter is not expandable by any method, so we must adjust to what it offers us.

Diggro DI02

Diggro DI02: Operating system

The Diggro DI02 comes with a standard operating system, which has no major functions beyond the usual ones that allow us to move through the options menu, the only interesting thing is that it has a variety of screen protectors, that will add some layer of customization to fit your style, but for the rest, we will not see anything new, in other words, we will not have any kind of innovation.

Diggro DI02: Battery

The Diggro DI02 is equipped with a lithium-ion polymer battery with a capacity of 230mAh, which ensures a time of intensive use of up to 2 days, but this is not all, since in standby mode it can reach up to 7 days, although the best is yet to come, it will only take about 80 minutes to fully charge. Undoubtedly a key point that will allow us to enjoy this Smartwatch.

Diggro DI02

Diggro DI02: Synchronization

The Diggro DI02 can be synchronized with our device through Bluetooth connection version 4.0, which opens us to new functions such as receiving notifications from Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Twitter, among others, in the same way, we can answer incoming calls from our Smartphones, which allows us to get away from it and at the same time remain connected to it, is ideal while we are doing exercises and finally, we will remotely control the camera, a fantastic function to take as many photos as we want.

Diggro DI02

Diggro DI02: Sports functions

The Diggro DI02 is not only a Smartwatch that focuses on the design, since part of its beauty also lies in its functions, especially in sports, as they provide an exceptional touch to keep us always in shape in the best possible style. Among its basic options, we have the following: alarm, calculator, calendar and music player as long as we are synchronized with our Smartphone. On the other hand, sports functions are by far more attractive, of which we have the following:

  • Heart rate sensor: this function allows us to keep a detailed record of our heartbeats.
  • Pedometer: with this application, we will have the exact number of steps we have taken during the day, including the distance traveled.
  • Sedentary reminder: Thanks to this option, we will receive notifications that will remind us of the time in which we have not moved, so we can stretch whenever it is appropriate.
  • Sleep Monitor: although this function in many devices always is inaccurate and unreliable due to the nature that must be covered, it is never too much to give it a chance and appreciate the results about our effective sleep hours.

Diggro DI02

Diggro DI02: Specifications

Basic information
Name of the manufacturer Diggro
Product name Diggro DI02
Model Smartwatch
Dimensions 4.7 x 4.7 x 1.35cm
Weight 110 grams
Color Black and silver
Manufacturing materials Zinc Alloy
Size 1.3 inches
Resolution 240 × 240
Additional characteristics IPS technology
Processor MediaTek MTK2502C
Core Does not apply
Frequency Does not apply
ROM memory 64MB
External memory Not compatible
Software Standard operating system
Kind Lithium-ion polymer
Capacity 230mAh
Removable No
Resolution Does not apply
Wireless Networks
Wifi Does not apply
Bands Does not apply
Bluetooth version 4.0
Peripherals and interfaces
Microphone Yes
Speaker Yes
Standards Alarm, Calculator, Calendar, Music player
Sports Heart rate sensor, Pedometer, Reminder of sedentary lifestyle, Sleep monitor
Box contents 1x Diggro DI02, 1x Charger cable, 1x Multilanguage user manual (English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish)

Diggro DI02: Availability and price

Currently we can buy the Diggro DI02 in the online store of Gearbest for the modest price of $77.40 (€64.92), so we suggest you to hurry if you want to enjoy this beauty, because over time this can be exhausted in the warehouse, below we will leave you the purchase link in case you are interested in this jewel:

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