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Did You Know That An Improper Design For Your Company Can Lead To Severe Losses? Read On

Your website is a vital aspect of your business. This is not the 1990s when a website was considered an optional marketing tool, you could have one, or do without it. This is the age of online commerce and the mobile platform. You can sell your products or services not just on the Internet, but also on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Website Design

People who hear of a new business or one that is new to them automatically log on to the web and try to find that company’s website. They expect to find it easily and expect an attractive design that is appealing visually, easy to use, and fast to load.

A hastily put together website conveys to the visitor an attitude of amateurism and an attitude of not caring enough to provide customers with the convenience of online access to information and products or services being offered.

Bad Company Website Design and Its Impact

  • Visitors come to a website expecting clear information about the company, its product or service and contact information at the minimum. A website that has too much clutter of tacky flash animations, pictures, and confusing text content can be an immediate turn-off
  • Hire a professional website designer to design your website. The money is well spent because you will get a professionally designed, attractive, easy to navigate website that will keep customers coming back
  • A well-designed home page has just some textual content that provides information about the business, some high-quality images and a call to action like filling out a form with an inquiry about the product or service or signing up for a newsletter or free membership etc.
  • Website visitors also expect quick load times. A page that takes too long to load because it is filled with unnecessary videos and images can make them decide to move away from that website and seek out a competitor’s website. If the competitor’s website is fast to load and easy to navigate, you have lost a possible customer
  • Your website should be easy to navigate. Organize your links so that they fall into separate sections and hierarchies that are logical. Do not bury vital links deep in the navigation hierarchy so that they are hard to find. This is also a potential turn-off
  • Always have a link back to your homepage wherever in your link hierarchy the customer is. Also, provide them the ability to move up the link hierarchy through which they landed on the current page. This kind of intuitive easy navigation is what keeps a customer from getting frustrated and moving away
  • Make it easy for them to find the products you are selling. Make the process of purchase secure and easy. If your customer is not assured of a secure payment processing, they will probably decide not to buy
  • Make sure that the website design translates well across all platforms. A website that looks professional and well laid out on the web might be difficult to use on a smartphone and can make you lose a lot of customers
  • Your website should look similar and have navigation and other functions whether it is on a website or a mobile site. With so many mobile extensions and apps available to provide this functionality to your web development tools, there is no excuse not to take this step. Otherwise, you could be missing out on a large customer base
  • Keep your website updated, a site that has not changed its design or content for a long time could indicate that your company is not interested in keeping up with new trends and technologies. Visitors will feel that it has fallen behind times and so might prove difficult to use
  • Display contact information and customer service information, make it easy for visitors to find these pages. Especially for a local business, a good company profile, a profile of the top executives, and easy to find contact information is of utmost importance. Otherwise, your potential clients would choose your competitors
  • Pay attention to your textual content. See that it is clear and concise and free of typos and common grammatical errors. Too many spelling mistakes and improper grammar can make the visitor think that you lack professionalism in your business.

A good company website design can give you a powerful marketing and sales tool, converting many visitors into regular customers, you can click here shopify to avail professional services for good website design for good website design. A bad design can do just the opposite. Take care to ensure that your website looks good, is easy to use and functions in a similar way across the web and mobile platforms.



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