Dibea DW200 Pro Hand-held Stick Vacuum Cleaner Now offered for just $149.99

DW200 Pro is a hand-held Stainless-steel electric vacuum cleaner easy to use for cleaning at home. It is a great piece embedded with inbuilt 2000 mAh battery to run it for long sessions. It is 2-in-1 cleaning equipment designed in a stick-shape with White and Red color combination. You will also get 4 alternative brushes to remove dust from every corner.

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Dibea dw200 pro

Moreover, the Dibea DW200 Pro vacuum cleaner had two optional modes to provide you with perfect and overall cleaning in an efficient way. It can reach each and every corner of your home and provides 100% cleanliness. Overall, the DW200 Pro vacuum cleaner can manage your daily cleaning needs like carpets, tile floors, keyboard, curtains, corners, bed, car, hardwood etc. using optimum resources time.

Features and Specifications:

Design and Color

The Dibea DW200 Pro vacuum cleaner is designed with a compact and ergonomic body covered with White color finish. Further, the economic, cordless, and glossy design makes you comfortable while operational and suitable for multiple roles. The floor brush is adjustable and flexible to be used under sofa, furniture etc. The handle is soft and fit to make a firm grip with hands.

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Two Operational Modes

The vacuum cleaner has two modes of operation- hand-held and vertical. Choose your comfortable way as per your needs and creates a wonderful cleaning experience all the time. It makes it more practical and convenient to clean all types of garbage and dust.

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Dibea dw200 pro


Similarly, the cordless vacuum cleaner is powered by inbuilt 2000 mAh Lithium-ion battery to make it work for 30 minutes on Standard Mode and for 15 minutes on Large Suction Mode. In addition, it takes around 4-5 hours to get fully charged.

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Dibea dw200 pro

Dustbin Capacity

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a large-sized dustbin basket with the storage capacity of 300 ml. Ultimately, it will be a great tool to clean larger areas without emptying its dustbin over and over again.

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Dibea dw200 pro

Fast Service

It has the strength to clean the 120 square meter area in just 10 minutes. You can bind up your work quickly with its suction capacity of 8000pa on standard mode and 17000Pa on large suction mode.

LED Light

Furthermore, the hand-held vacuum cleaner is also lodged with an LED light on the front to help you clean in dark sections like behind cupboard etc.

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Dibea dw200 pro


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