Dibea DW200 Pro Review: Great Stick Vacuum Cleaner

There are a few types of vacuum cleaners. And while we are obsessed of smart vacuum cleaners, there is another kind of cleaner that looks more attractive, can be easily hidden away in a cupboard, and takes up less room than a full-sized vac. But at the same time, it can do the whole job without difficulty. As you guess, we are talking about so-called stick vacuum cleaner. They can be used in various areas and situations. And due to their small size and DIY design, they can be used as a cordless vacuum cleaner as well as a handheld vacuum cleaner. Today, we are going to review the Dibea DW200 Pro, which is one of the latest and best models of this brand. In fact, Dibea is considered to be the affordable variant of the world-famous Dyson. As for us, we think its appearance, functionality, power, and other features don’t yield the Dyson cleaner at all.

Dibea DW200 Pro
my baby makes the Dibea DW200 Pro look more attractive)

Dibea DW200 Pro Appearance

When it comes to the current vacuum cleaners, many think the power (suction) is the guarantee of performance. However, it’s not so. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, pay the most attention to its appearance. We don’t say it should look stylish and have no useful features. Vice versa, we mean its appearance should showcase its functionality.

Dibea DW200 Pro

The previous model of this company, the Dibea D18 was the most powerful vacuum cleaner in its history. That’s why it became quite popular in a short period of time, especially, among pet owners. This cleaner was able to provide an excellent performance on both hard surface as well as carpets. In this sense, the Dibea DW200 Pro is the direct successor of the D18. Therefore, it has inherited all of its goodies and has also got a few improvements. Say, in the box, it includes three electric brushes in a set that are almost identical to the previous models.

Dibea DW200 Pro

Unlike Dyson and other top branded stick vacuum cleaners, the Dibea DW200 Pro focuses on extravagance and modernity. The battery and the motor are installed next to the control stick. Due to such a design, the center of gravity is moved closer to the hand that ensures more comfortable handle and cleaning.

Dibea DW200 Pro

However, the dust collector has got a new design. It is different from the previous cumbersome handles. The 0.3L dust collecting barrel is changed from vertical to horizontal. The suction head, suction rod and motor are in a straight line. This is not only makes the cleaner look more stylish but also makes the air flow smoothly into the cyclone passage inside the main engine, improving the airflow efficiency, reducing the noise and enlarging the capacity of the dust collecting barrel.

Dibea DW200 Pro

We also should mention the Dibea DW200 Pro adopts the 2-in-1 design. As said, it can be used either as a stick or a handheld vacuum. Besides the roller floor brush, there are also the round brush, long flat suction part, electric mattress cleaning brush. The roller floor brush is for cleaning the floor and the undercoat carpet, the second mattress brush is for bedding and upholstered furniture, and the other two are for cleaning corners, keyboard, curtains, etc. Thus, we are dealing with a multi-purpose stick vacuum cleaner that can clean not only the room floor but also sofas, ceilings, cars, etc. By the way, the box also includes the main unit, power adapter, rack, accessory clamp, and manual.  

Dibea DW200 Pro

The roller floor brush is very soft and wouldn’t scratch the floor. Plus, the dense short hair velvet has good performance in removing stubborn stain and avoids twinning hair.  

The Dibea DW200 Pro is super easy to use, the motorized head is connected to the shaft via a nifty swivel device and I had no problem maneuvering it around obstacles and furniture. In fact, it can be rotated by 270 degrees and provides a 90cm deep cleaning.

Of course, this model has headlights. These are made up of 4 LED’s build into the power brush. As you guess, they will help you when cleaning dark corners, such as under furniture or in poorly lit rooms.

Overall the quality of this vacuum is quite good. The plastic parts feel very sturdy and should be able to take almost anything you can throw at it, and the metal tube is scuff resistant and very strong. 

Dibea DW200 Pro Performance

Stick vacuum cleaners aren’t expected to perform as well at cleaning carpet as a standard vacuum cleaner. But they come with more controllable design. So you can reach every corner of your house and clean the dust. Let’s see what features the Dibea DW200 Pro comes with and what you should know buying a stick vacuum cleaner.  

The DW200 Pro uses a newly designed digital motor. The impeller of the motor improves the airflow efficiency. As the company claims, the maximum speed of the motor is increased from 10.8 of the previous generation (DW100) to 125,000 revolutions per minute, and the suction is increased by 20%, reaching 1700Pa. The motor is also replaced by ceramic bearings, which reduces the weight by 100 grams and makes it more portable to use.

Dibea DW200 Pro

Our protagonist sports a 2000mAh lithium battery with higher energy density. Unlike the previous models that will last up to 30 minutes on a single charge, this one will keep working for 1 hour in the standard mode, or for 40 minutes in the MAX mode. As you guess, there are three modes. In addition to the mentioned two, there is also the medium mode.

In other words, the Dibea DW200 Pro is capable of cleaning an area of 120 square meters in 10 minutes. But you should also take into account, like other stick vacuum cleaners, it takes about 4-5 hours to charge.

We always recommend our readers to switch to the smart vacuum cleaners or stick vacuum cleaners because they work more quietly in comparison to the traditional vacuum cleaners. This is also true for the Dibea DW200 Pro. It works at a noise of 65db or less. So in most cases, the cleaning won’t disturb roomates.


So what we can say about this stick vacuum cleaner? It turns out for $200 or less, you can get your hands on a quite quality cleaner that not only looks attractive but also comes with all necessary features. Inside the box, you can find 4 types of brushes, of which each can be used for various purposes. The dust box has been changed in aligment, and now the Dibea cleaner has a better performance. There are headlights to better see what you are cleaning. This is can be too long. But the most important words for the Dibea DW200 Pro are ‘why pay more for Dyson, if you can get the same performance for the half price?’


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  1. I recently bought DW200 (non-pro) for less than half the price of Pro model and I’m wondering how it will perform compared to Pro model (didn’t get it yet). They look very similar.
    I’m also thinking if parts are compatible (if I would like to buy floor brush from Pro model).

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