The new Delmar, a wireless dehumidifier from Xiaomi!

Xiaomi is a company that has stood out around the world due to the incredible number of products they offer in different types of markets ranging from smartphones to various home devices. This company also usually uses a Crowdfunding platform to publicize their future products and collectively fund them, one of the most recent is a wireless moisture remover called Delmar.

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Features of the Delmar dehumidifier

This device uses an intense heat based on a high power lighting system that manages to eliminate all types of humidity and germs. It also has to be said that it comes equipped with a constant temperature heating of PTC that allows a supply of up to 55 degrees of hot air while reaching the depth of the surface, this is the prelude to using a purification system made of a UV light that allows to dry the sweat and atmospheric humidity.

Delmar Dehumidifier

Its main source of heat is a light assisted by a double vibrating plate, which allows this heat to be transmitted to the depth of the fabric, in this way any insect that is hidden inside the Delma dehumidifier can be absorbed and taken to the surface. Added to this, it also comes equipped with a LED lamp that detects dust, which can help the user to clean the fabric with less difficulty.

Regarding the durability section, it is known that this device has a lithium battery of 2500mAh, so it will have a use time of up to 45 minutes with a single charge. Of course, it has three modes of use that meet different functions based on the need that is present at the time, these modes are standard, strong and hot. However, it should be taken into consideration that this is a gadget that fulfills the function of removing moisture and germs but should not be used on cushions that are completely wet because they will not dry.

Delmar Dehumidifier use

The new Delmar dehumidifier is a product manufactured by third parties, more specifically; it is supplied by Foshan Shunde Delmar Electric Co., Ltd. and has a total price of 699 yuan ($101 or 87.28 euros).

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