Deerma HX10 Retractable Intelligent Shoe Dryer now for $56.31

Deerma is a sub-brand of the Xiaomi echo chain system. Recently, it has filled the market with the newly-developed multi-functional shoe dryer to use at home. The Deerma HX10 Retractable Intelligent Shoe Dryer adopts lots of smart features to make your shoe moisture-free.

Further, the shoe dryer provides constant temperature to remove the moisture quickly and keep the shoes dry. With the U-shaped air outlet, the Deerma HX10 dryer can dry two pairs of shoes at the same time.

Similarly, the shoe dryer concludes multiple modes and schemes to deal with different types of shoes. It doesn’t take longer to dry the boots. Its telescopic hose ensures a deep-going approach into the internal parts of the shoes.

Deerma HX10 Retractable Intelligent Shoe Dryer Features and specifications

Design and Build

The Deerma HX10 Shoe Dryer comes in an ABS material-made body and provides a white color option. It is a compact-sized box with two air outlet funnels on the top.

Similarly, it also includes U-shaped air outlet points to dry two pairs at the same time. On the front side, it has three control buttons along with a 220V rated power motor inside.

Deerma HX10 Retractable Intelligent Shoe Dryer

The Deerma HX10 dryer physical dimensions and weight are 211x117x280 mm and 1.2 kg respectively.


The Deerma HX10 is a multi-functional machine. It can be used not only for drying the shoes but you can also use it as a warmer. You can dry your socks or any other home articles with its powerful and constant temperature profile.

The continues hot air encroaches into the fibrous layer of clothes to achieve the drying effect.

Deerma HX10 Retractable Intelligent Shoe Dryer

Telescopic Hose

Notably, the Deerma HX10 multi-functional dryer contains a telescopic hose to serve you with a deep drying effect.

The hose can be inserted into the interior of footwear to cope with a variety of shoe sizes. Similarly, it can tilt the body for drying heavy shoes.

Deerma HX10 Retractable Intelligent Shoe Dryer

Deerma HX10 Retractable Intelligent Shoe Dryer Multiple Modes

For intelligent functionality, the HX10 dryer has multiple modes and different drying schemes for shoes of the whole family. It enables the drying machine to take care of all types of shoes.

It has Standard Mode for chunky boots, Boot Mode for leather shoes, Weak Wind Mode for thin shoes, and Ozone Mode for smelly shoes.

Ozone Care

Keeping the environment at a peak, the machine works brilliantly by caring the ozone layer, so as to create a healthy shoe environment all the time.

Deerma HX10 Retractable Intelligent Shoe Dryer Price

The Deerma HX10 Shoe Dryer is available for INR 4.032.78 after 20% off on the Banggood store. Click to buy now:

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