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Buy Xiaomi Deerma DX700 2-in-1 Vertical/Handheld Vacuum Cleaner at special price


Deerma DX700 2-in-1 Vertical Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner is designed for cleaning your house more efficiently. With 2-in-1 use of hand-held and vertical vacuum cleaner. it is much more practical. You can choose according to your personal needs. With this powerful and sleek machine, you can also clean all areas conveniently. If you are looking for a gadget to keep your house clean then Deerma DX700 2-in-1 Vertical Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner is a good choice for you

Xiaomi Deerma DX700  Main Features:

  • New side-rotation filtration technology
  • Vertical/hand-held portable
  • Two-way handle for multi-angle use
  • Triple filtration
  • Low noise, comfortable and not harsh
  • 180° bottom brush, flexible cleaning
  • Split dust bucket easy to drop dust
  • The vertical placement of silicone fixed occupies less space
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Other Features:

2-in-1 use: hand-held and vertical

This feature allows you to use this more conveniently and effectively. You can choose a more suitable way to use it according to your needs.
It is equipped with an ergonomic handle for comfortable holding and operating. It’s Easy and compatible to handle in both ways.

Modes of operation

Handheld mode helps you to decrease the length of the rod and use it on shelves, beds, cleaning gadgets, etc.

Vertical mode helps it to clean the floor and other places which are far from your reach. It helps you too clean floor hassle-free.


Easy to operate

Deerma DX700 is a sleek vacuum cleaner which is designed for the ease of the customers. The design of the dust removal path that can turn makes dust removal more convenient. The clean filter element design brings a good and new experience.

Independent Air duct

It has got a powerful motor design which can effectively clean the ground. It sucks away the garbage and dust on the ground and it also cleans up the hidden dust on the ground. Its Triple Sealed Filter captures the dust and gives you an awesome result.

Hand washing filter cotton

Its washable filter cotton is Durable and useful, can be repeatedly cleaned.

Large capacity dust box

Its 800ml dust box can meet the needs of super-large area cleanings moreover, it is convenient for daily use also at work or home.

Ultra-thin floor brush

Its Ultra-thin floor brush design helps in cleaning the bed, wardrobe bottom, sofa bottom, etc. It is designed for the ease of use and storage as its vertical design helps in storing it in less space easily after use.


Deerma DX700 2-in-1 vertical hand-held vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning on hardwood, carpet, tile floors, car, bed and so on.

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