Deepoon Kankan V2Y Review

Deepoon is known for its M2 All-In-One VR headset. The latter has been even compared with the Samsung Gear. But as of now we have another Deepoon VR device to be introduced to you. It’s called the Deepoon Kankan V2Y, and though many geeks this VR headset has been designed especially for gaming purposes let’s get acquainted with its key features to understand whether this description has common lines with its primary goal.


Generally, Deepoon devices stand out due to their stylish design, useful features and price tags they comet at. Seems the Deepoon Kankan V2Y is no exception as it is available for a penny and sports a decent specs list. But I guess this is not enough and you require more info on this awesome device. So I am ready.

Deepoon Kankan V2Y Design

The Deepoon Kankan V2Y has a minimalistic design, thus you won’t find any incomprehensible or additional design element. Everything is done with taste and this makes the VR headset look modern, stylish and attractive. It’s not a standalone headset, i.e. you will need to put a smartphone into it to enjoy the VR experience. We have already reviewed tons of similar devices, and I have to say many people like such headsets, because they are capable of providing almost the same experience at a lower price.


However, among those eyecatching VR headsets I can mention the UCVR View–01 or the Leji VR Mini. But I guess most of our reader should like the Xiaomi Mi VR Play. The latter comes with practical features, and as a result we get an affordable VR headset. Almost the same can be said for the Deepoon Kankan V2Y, but unlike the abovementioned Xiaomi product this one has no zipper grip. The front side is removable, as you guess. But it can be implemented easily by pulling and pushing.

We can see only the company’s brand on the front side. Below the front cover we can find a hinge. So the front panel is not removed completely but it is connected to the rest of the VR via it. Once opening the front cover we can see there is too much area for placing smartphones. Fortunately, it allows users to put handsets with 5.0- 6.0-inch screen size. On the middle of the removable front part is located a sponge rounded material to press the phone when it is closed for better fit.

The inner part looks standard and comes with a foam for the best adjustment. There is also a three-strap holder, so you have no reason to worry about your smartphone put into the VR.

The Deepoon Kankan V2Y is available in three colors – electric green, orange and white. But if the front cover of the first two color options is black, the white version comes with the same white cover element. Honestly, I don’t know why the manufacturer has decided to deviate from the consistent pattern. The VR headset comes at dimensions of 18.00 x 12.00 x 10.50 cm and weighs only 320 grams. Looks standard even in these terms.

Deepoon Kankan V2Y Features

As the Deepoon Kankan V2Y is not a standalone VR headset, there are no processors or memory storages. But this VR comes with protective lens, which are made of ophthalmic implant material. They work safe and effective. It stands for Polymethylmethacrylate and is thought to be the safest of all currently available IOL biomaterials. These lens come with high transmittance, no distortion, no color, IPD 54-74mm support adaptation, and without manual adjustment. It also supports piano paint technology and the VR is compatible with Android and iOS.


The Deepoon Kankan V2Y uses a 3D theater playback system, thus you can have your own IMAX theatre. Plus, it is fully compatible with 2D/3D/panoramic format, and you can watch the video on your VR headset by transmitting it from your computer wirelessly.


Thanks to great lens you will have a feeling of watching videos on a 1045-inch screen. It comes with 59-69mm Inter-pupillary distance adaptive optics suitable for myopia users under 400 degrees. Plus, it features FOV of 68 degrees.

Deepoon Kankan V2Y Price and Availability

This VR headset is available for only $22.25, which means we are dealing with a device that is competitive not only in terms of design and great lens but also in terms of pricing. I am not saying you can’t find another VR headset with this price tag, but Deepoon is in this market for about 2 years, and it is a leading manufacturer of VR glasses. I mean this company is an expert in its business and everything it makes grabs a huge attention immediately. As for the Deepoon Kankan V2Y, this project has a crowdfunding amount of up to 9.43 million yuan. That’s why it’s promoted very well.


Honestly, there are many VR glasses coming with different features and making a good competition for customers. You know, there are even VR headsets available for $6, $9 or $11, but you understand they can lack some important features or they can come in unsightly design. As for Deepoon, this company offers only a few VR glasses, but each of them is a result of a long period work. For example, there is the Deepoon E2 VR 3D standalone glass costing $215, and you can always choose it when looking for eye-catching VR headsets. But if you want not to fork out and acquire an awesome device the Deepoon Kankan V2Y can be a perfect option. I guess the manufacturer has made it with this purpose in mind. Moreover, you can trust this brand like those million users that have bought Deepoon VR glasses in 2015. The sales of the Deepoon Kankan V2Y have reached up to 30000 in first 4 months. At last, though Deepoon currently focuses on the Chinese market, but will soon be available in western markets. So what do you think whether DeePoon CEO, Sunny Chen would make such announcements if their devices are not ready for a tough competition?


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