[Lowest Price Ever] Xiaomi Mijia Mini 4K 30fps Action Camera For $87.99 [Coupon]

Xiaomi trend is always the same, excellent quality at really low prices, this time we find an Action Cam with a maximum resolution of 4K 30fps, Ambarella A12 chip , Sony IMX 317 Cmos , stabilization and display with touch screen for just $87.99.

Main features of Xiaomi Mijia Mini:

  • Ambarella A12S75 chip
  • CMOS Sony IMX 317 Exmor R 8MP
  • FOV 145 ° with glass lens 7 elements F 2.8 ,3.2mm and integrated UV filter
  • 4K resolution 30fps, 2K 60fps, 1080P at 100fps and 720P at 200fps
  • 4K photos with JPEG and DNG formats (3840 × 2160)
  • Double Microphone
  • 2.4-inch touch screen
  • EIS electronic stabilization on 6 axis, (3 gyroscope, 3 accelerometer) (BMI160 IMU Bosch)
  • 1450mAh battery with 120 minutes autonomy (recording in 4K)
  • Connections: Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi IEEE802.11 b / g / n
  • Weight – 99 grams
  • Dimensions-71.5 × 42.7 × 29.5mm

Xiaomi mijia mini

Menu and Functions

The display is very bright, we can adjust the intensity to get a good visibility even in broad daylight, the size is generous of 2.4 inches, perhaps the biggest we find on an Action Cam, touch screen is quite accurate and responsive, through “Swipe” we can access the various menus as suggested by the “user guide” shown at the first power-on:

  • swipe down shows the “shortcuts” to reach the general settings, turn on Wi-Fi, lock the display and turn off the cam.
  • swipe to the right will show all the shooting or shooting modes available
  • swipe to the left will show the player with the photos and videos in the SD (thanks to the soundbox we can hear the audio in the videos already taken, I mention this function because few allow it to do so)

The general settings allow us to:

  • Change PAL or NTSC format
  • Check SD capacity and format
  • Default Mode (decide which mode to find when first powered up, photos, videos, timelapse, etc. ..)
  • Beep volume (volume of audio notification)
  • LCD Brightness (display brightness, normal, high and low)
  • Rotate (allows us to rotate the shot and position the cam upside down as needed)
  • Auto screen lock (screen lock time)
  • Auto power off (automatic shutdown time if we do not use it)
  • Wi-Fi auto on (enable wi-fi from the boot)
  • Bluetooth Pairing
  • In housing mode (it is the mode that allows with a long press of the function key to switch between photos or video) (useful when inside the case)
  • User Giude (the guide that appears at the first boot, that explains its operation, we can decide whether to disable it or not)
  • Date and time
  • Language (at the moment there is only English and two variants of Chinese)
  • Device info (shows the information, firmware version, wifi and mac address)

The available shooting modes are:

  • Video
  • Time Lapse Video
  • Slow Motion
  • Loop Record
  • Video + Photo
  • Photo
  • Timer
  • Burst
  • Photo Time Lapse

Xiaomi mijia mini

The settings available in Photo mode allow us to set the aspect ratio from 4: 3 to 16: 9 but the resolution available will only be one, the 4K (3840 × 2160). In addition to the classic JPEG we also have the photos in “RAW” with extension DNG compatible with all most popular software, the remaining settings are the classic: ISO, exposure, white balance and shutter speed ,a gem is the ability to select some pre-set color profiles (Standard, Bright, Artistic, Film and Classic)

It does not end here .. with the additional shooting modes such as Timelapse Video and Photos we have further settings available that we rarely find on other action cam, for example on the Timelapse ,we can set the interval between a frame and another, decide the duration of our timelapse, unlimited or 6, 10, 20, 30, 60 seconds or two minutes.

Where to buy Xiaomi Mijia Mini Action Cam?

Obviously on GEARBEST

Currently it has the lowest price $91.99 and with the coupon xxqq02 – you can purchase it only for $87.99.

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