[Flash Sale] Grab the Xiaomi Gaming Keyboard for $51.99

If you want an ideal gamer keyboard for any videogame, with the best features of the market and that is not so expensive, the Xiaomi Gaming Keyboard is all you need. Also, it is a peripheral that was thought for any activity, for that reason it will be the perfect companion when you have to use the computer. Best of all, it’s currently on flash sale at Gearbest for a price of only $51.99. Know it a little before making the decision to acquire it and you will not regret it!

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Xiaomi Gaming Keyboard

A gaming keyboard with minimalist design

The aluminum top shell looks impressive and the texture has an electrical coating. Specifically, it is manufactured with stamping, grinding, CNC, sandblasting, anodizing and laser engraving. Therefore, you will get one of the best quality materials for this price range. Now, the quality of construction is not bad either, although it has no borders, the capital letter fits well enough to the lower case, to give an example. Its dimensions are 44.00 x 13.30 x 4.00 cm and the weight is only 803g.

Xiaomi Gaming Keyboard

In addition, it presents RGB light effects. However, light effects cannot be configured in multiple ways even if you want to. First, it does not come with software to configure the light effect manually, users can only select the light effects of some presets.

Xiaomi Gaming Keyboard

The Xiaomi Gaming Keyboard is convenient and more suitable to play. The keys are practical with a well thought-out configuration to guarantee precise command delivery and, most importantly, timely. There are a large number of individually customizable keys. Likewise, the transparent characters on the buttons are not erased over time and the ergonomic arrangement of the keys is ideal, with a distance, magnitude, and location calculated with high tonality.

Xiaomi Gaming Keyboard

In terms of hardware, the Xiaomi Gaming Keyboard uses the ARM Sonix 32-bit MCU, with a frequency of 48M, a rate of return of 1000Hz and supports 33 keys, which basically cover the common game combination. It is not a mechanical keyboard as such, it has a different configuration. Introduces a new TTC switch, called a hybrid MT. This switch looks the same as traditional mx switches, but it does not have the copper sheets inside. When you remove a key, you can see that the shape of the axis is the same as that of a normal mechanical keyboard. There should not be a real difference between this and other mechanical keyboards.

Xiaomi Gaming Keyboard: Flash Sale at Gearbest

The Xiaomi Gaming Keyboard is available at the online store for a price of only $51.99 thanks to a flash sale. They are available in Dark Gray. You must hurry to not miss this great opportunity that will be valid for a few days with limited stock.

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