Noiseless ILIFE V7S Pro Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner For $234.05

The world today is a very busy place and most people are too busy with work that they forget some domestic chores. Well, it turned out that technological advancement is a good thing after all and with the upgraded ILIFE V7S Pro smart robotic vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to worry about the state of your floor. This device can either sweep or mop your floor over 80 – 220 square meters. Interestingly, it is currently available for cheap as there is a coupon code which gives you a discount. From my experience with coupon codes, they expire pretty quickly thus its best to use it as soon as you find it.

ILIFE V7S Pro smart robotic vacuum cleaner

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ILIFE V7S Pro Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – Designed To Sweep And Mop Your Floor

The ILIFE V7S Pro smart robotic vacuum cleaner is designed with 4 kinds of cleaning modes which includes automatic cleaning mode, border cleaning mode, concentration cleaning mode, and reservation cleaning mode. Thus whether it is confetti debris, cigarette butt, and ash, or beans and seeds shell, it is easy for you to clean them up. This vacuum cleaner can effectively clean a cement floor, ceramic tile floor, wooden floor, and undercoat carpet.

Its 8cm slim design enables this cleaner to work in a narrow space which makes it possible to clean the bottom of furniture and corners. One of the problems of vacuum cleaners is the noise they make while cleaning. This device is noiseless (less than 60dB) thus you can sleep while cleaning.

ILIFE V7S Pro smart robotic vacuum cleaner

This product comes with a new upgraded 300ml water tank which is equipped with a pump to control drip. The water tank does not leak when the robot stops running which solves the problem of dripping. The pump and software were also upgraded from the previous version and as a result, the algorithm is optimized to improve the recharge rate while adding a new function: mopping reservation.

The IR sensors at the bottom of this vacuum cleaner detect any high gap to avoid dropping. When it gets close to any drop, it will avoid it and change direction automatically. Also included in this device is an anti-collision system which ensures that this robot never collides with your furniture.

ILIFE V7S Pro smart robotic vacuum cleaner

The ILIFE V7S Pro smart robotic vacuum cleaner gives an option to either sweep or mop. When using the 450ml dust storage tank box, it becomes a sweeper, when using water storage tank box, it becomes a mop. It is equipped with a 2600mAh battery which has a charging time of about 300 minutes and 140 minutes working time. Auto-recharge is another wonderful feature of this smart robotic vacuum cleaner. When the power is about to run out, the sweeper will go back to the charging base.

Where To Buy The ILIFE V7S Pro Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The ILIFE V7S Pro smart robotic vacuum cleaner is currently on Gearbest for $234.05



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