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D21 SmartBand wants to be the new My Band screen


SmartBand D21 is a new wearable that comes from the Asian world with all the features that can be desired in a smartwatch of this time and with a very affordable price compared to other smartwatches with the same characteristics.

Unlike other wrist wearables, this has a screen which can display everything that happens in it to keep always informed.


D21 SmartBand features

Dimensions 12.50 x 0.95 cm
Weight 30 gr
Colors Black, White, Purple and Pink
Dial materials Steel
Strap materials silicone
Protection Water sparkles resistence
Interchangeable strap: Yes
Screen 0.66 Inches
Hardware NRF51822
Battery 80mAh
Conectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Languages: English, Chinese
Compatibility iOS 7.0 / Android 4.3 and above
Sensors Heart monito, reminder, sleep monitor, podometer
Main features alarm, cronometer, call and SMS notifier, clock
Box content 1 x D21 Smartband, 1 x charger, 1 x Manual



D21 SmartBand can exchange their straps



The D21 SmartBand is a light and handy enough to carry with us, unlike many wearables this sector Smartwatches that due to its characteristics end up being heavy, device manufacturers D21 have managed to create an impressive balance between function and weight, giving it only 30 grams, and a measure of 12.50 x 2.40 x 1.23 cm. With these measures and this weight, sure you will not have major problems in having it on your wrist for a long period of time.

Please note that the bracelet design is basically a screen that occupies the entire front surface and the rest consists of a mesh of silicone that can be adapted to the thickness of the user’s wrist in a manner similar to that of any clock form. Here the most important point is the possibility of exchanging these bands (four colors available – black, white, purple and pink) maintaining the same panel.

Its design is quite bright and functional, it is basically a screen that occupies the entire surface of the wearable, which is continued by adjustable silicone strap for any thickness wrist. One of its most notable features is that you can change the strap on the other of another color fairly easily, so you can combine your wearable according to the occasion.

To complete, although also is entered in the section of technical specifications, can not be left outside the above screen 0.66 inches with a resolution 64 x 48 pixels in materials OLED, ensuring premium quality despite its size and easy nor interface allow both enjoy its benefits.

Technical features and compatibility



SmartBand D21 supports mobile Android and iOS

Although it has no large components in such a small space, the D21 is created with NRF51822 chip that certainly meet your needs in a wearable.

In addition, do not miss 80mAh battery capacity only needs about 60 minutes to fully charge and provide a range that is between 3 and 4 days with normal use. Given that this model brings screen it is good news not need to be connecting to the power source every day.

80 mAh battery can be fully recharged in just 60 minutes of continuous load, one can provide around about 3 or 4 days of uninterrupted continuous use, which is a great performance for only one hour of charging. Despite being a model that has an integrated display, energy performance is excellent, which makes it very tempting to buy it.

Its design is made to be waterproof, but not necessarily a waterproof model, so you can not immerse great days in the water. The wearable also supports Bluetooth 4.0 connection, which is required to perform synchronization with the Smartphone with a maximum distance of 5 meters.

Devices compatible with the D21 must have an Android 4.3 or higher operating system or Ios 7.0 or higher operating system.
functions available.


D21 incorporates cardiac sensor SmartBand


As shown by some of the images, the interface of this equipment is very simple to fit the screen without much space, though no longer well developed. From it, you can see the time as if it were a digital clock at all times, but also, touch move among the different sensors built.

So, this is measuring the heart rate all the time analyzing the pulse of the user’s wrist, a pedometer to store all physical activity performed (whether both steps as “running), even with extra statistics as a chronometer, recording calories burned or distance.

Moreover, you can set alarms to make vibrate or ring bracelet, reminders sedentary lifestyle when a certain amount of time sitting takes, and even measure the quality of sleep every night or inform instantly when the phone is receiving a call or an SMS.


Differences with 1S Xiaomi Mi Band

The D21 SmartBand wants to become an alternative to the already famous wearable 1S Xiaomi Mi Band which is currently the market leader of Smartwatches. The great advantage of this model compared to Model Xiaomi is that this has a screen with which the user can interact, a plus quite important.

Thus, if what is sought is a team that shows beyond the phone the other collected measurements this is probably a good choice, although if greater battery life prefers and do not mind that notifications are displayed only by vibration or small LED lights, 1S Xiaomi Mi Band takes advantage of the good reputation that has this manufacturer in the world market.


Where to buy and price of the D21 SmartBand

The D21 is available in SmartBand Gearbest at a cost of US
If you want to buy D21 click on the link below to buy it safely through Gearbest

Buy D21 SmartBand on for $22.99 US Dollars

D21 SmartBand wants to be the new My Band screen
  • Screen - 5/10
  • Design - 5.5/10
  • Materials - 6/10
  • Functions - 7/10
  • Battery - 5/10
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