D2 N0.1 SmartWatch: Review

1Christmas is approaching soon, and with Christmas comes the competition for choosing the best gift. Today we’re talking about a Smartwatch but not just any Smartwatch. We talk about the new D2 N0.1 Smartwatch, a clock designed by quality materials and the power as it includes the latest technology.

N0.1 SmartWatch D2: Technical Specifications

We are facing a powerful hardware for a device like this. While moving between display screens, we can tell for sure that it is accurate without chance of noticing any lag at all, not even while it is running some of those already installed applications.


Right, 128MB remain a bit fair if we say that the SmartWatch includes a camera of 0.3Mpx with which we can record videos and pictures. Obviously the quality of them will not be that good as we would love but still it is an improvement in this field. Since the watch has file management software, sending those pictures from our watch to PC or laptop will be no problem at all.

Also, we can share those pictures with our friends via Bluetooth (Watch is using version 3.0).


Besides all this, it tells us that the device is compatible with IP67 certification which means the watch is resistant to water splashes and dust. Obviously we cannot say that it’s waterproof because even though it can survive water splashes; we cannot say that it won’t get damaged from being exposed for a while in the water.


N0.1 SmartWatch D2: The display as an object of desire

We don’t need to tell you the obvious things, the screen beside being capacitive and have the nano-tempered glass is circular and has a size of 1.22 ” with a maximum resolution of 240 × 204 pixels. The screen is built with the IPS technology, so by looking at the images displayed on it, the quality of them won’t be affected because of the circular design of the watch. But the beauty of this watch is its circular dial adorned with sparkling crystals (of course not real diamonds!), its metal body bathed in golden color and the addition in this case of a white leather of high quality.

At the rear (polycarbonate), we can find the 4-pin slot if we need to replace the internal battery that has a durability of 350mAh. Also includes a system of energy savings through software that can activate at any time we want to. To recharge the battery, all we have to do is to place the clock on the charging base (fits magnetically) and connect the micro USB cable to a free USB hub or USB free port multi charger.

The charging time will vary with the power we spent but in any case it will be fully recharged between 2-3 hours.


As you can see from the images, front and rear side of this watch is very good designed, from high-quality materials. The watch has three different home display backgrounds that we can change according to our taste. Just hold the home screen and then move between the three screens and choose the one that we like. Here we can see the three solutions that have:

6 7 8

As we can see, all three screens are nice, and since our strap is white, we choose the one that matches perfectly with it.


In the picture above we can see which is the first application menu. To move through application menus, all we need to do is to move our finger from right to left or from left to right on the screen. Here we can see the dialer app icon that give us the option to make the call directly and access the address book on the desired machine via Bluetooth.

It also gives us the access to send and receive SMS messages and also provide us the possibility to send it directly without using the phone.

We will have direct access to the register of calls received, sent and missed as well as the overview of contacts as we told you before.


To activate the battery saver option, all we have to do is to click on the app icon that we can see at the picture above. We will also have the access to system files through a file manager that is already installed on our Watch, and we can configure the automatic activation of the screen with a single gesture (with rotating the wrist). It also has built-vibration system.


But if something differs the new D2 N0.1 SmartWatch from the other watches it’s the option of a thermometer. This option will allow us to see how big temperature is indoor/outdoor, an ultraviolet sensor for measuring solar radiation.

Which is useful, especially here in Spain to prevent us from burning from the sun, an electrocardiogram that will serve to see graphically our keystrokes and the option to locate the watch with an alarm that sounds when we separate ourselves from the watch for over the 10 meters.


We could not miss the pedometer option, which will allow us to measure the steps we made and also to see the calories that we have burned. All this information can be transferred to the application that we have installed on our PC or Laptop.

We can also see the option of heart rate sensor, simply place the watch on our wrist, and it will enable us to measure the pulse automatically. We also found the sleep monitor system that helps us to see the best hours of sleep at night. It also has a reminder option that can tell us if we are sitting too long already and if we need to stretch a little.


It provides us with automatic Alarm (we can set different alarms according to our needs), calendar, calculator, and stopwatch. Useful tools in any case which can save us some time from searching the desired tool so we could use them.


All the music that we have stored on our smartphone can be synchronized and reproduced by a music file manager that is built into the SmartWatch (we have to synchronize via Bluetooth) and also can take pictures from a distance using the Watch as well as remote control.

We can use the watch also as a sound recorder. And If we do not like the theme that we can see, don’t worry, because we can change them for another 2 that are available on our watch just by tapping the icon “Theme”.


Finally, the multimedia section where we can find access to images that we took with our SmartWatch camera and it will allow us to store them in the internal memory of the desired device. We can take pictures (the quality is good) and record videos and also play them back directly on our screen with the applications that come pre-installed on our SmartWatch.

D2 N0.1 SmartWatch: Final conclusions.

To be honest, we liked a lot this new SmartWach and we can clearly say that NO.1 will certainly stand out for its unique design. But also it has some technical details that elevate him to the premium level of such devices.

With an ideal size, a very light weight, and a high-quality belt, it is already available in several different colors through many online stores. Undoubtedly this SmartWatch would be a perfect Christmas gift that everyone would love to have.

The general operation of the watch is very good; battery life is normal, which means if we operate with SmartWatch for normal use it can last for over 2 days without any need of the recharge. But what we liked the most is the camera performance for both video and images.

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