Cubot X20 Pro Review: Worth Buying this Smartphone?

Smartphone with triple camera and large display!

Design is the first and most important aspect anybody ever looks for in any tech gadget. While having a smartphone that is ultra-thin and lightweight may be important, the camera is another notable feature. Gone are the days when everybody used to carry a camera around, and the following are one of the many reasons why. First, you can get high-quality images with your phone making it unnecessary to carry extra weight around. Secondly, the option to use effects and edit images right on your phone as soon as you capture an image. Lastly, and most importantly, the front camera for capturing selfies is present only in smartphones.

The Cubot X20 Pro Smartphone is the latest addition to Cubot’s X series. Cubot is a Chinese brand that produces smartphones at an affordable price for those on a budget. We’ll cover everything from design to battery life in the Cubot X20 Pro Review to help you decide whether it’s worth buying. In the Cubot X20 Pro Review, we’ll tell you in detail about the design, display, processor, OS, integrated functions, camera, and battery life.

Cubot X20 Pro Review

Design of Cubot X20 Pro!

The first and most important feature in the Cubot X20 Pro Review is the design. Cubot X20 Pro Smartphone is thin with just a thickness of 8.1 mm, but it does weigh around 200 grams. It is available in 3 colors: black, blue and gold. The unibody design gives it a premium look and makes it very durable. The onscreen touch functionality makes the Cubot X20 Pro Smartphone look very stylish. Volume control and power button appear on the right, SIM card slot on the left and a USB interface at the bottom. The SIM card slot allows you to insert two SIM cards or you can also replace a SIM card with an SD card instead. The metal frame and the2.5D double-sided curved glass makes it look sleek. In terms of the design in the Cubot X20 Pro Review, it’s trendy and modern.

Is the Display Good?

Cubot X20 Pro Smartphone sports a spectacular 6.3 inch FHD display with a resolution of 2340*1080 pixels. Phablet is another name for the Cubot X20 Pro Smartphone because of the large display close to the size of a tab. The 19.5:9 waterdrop screen has a screen-to-body ratio of 92.8% offering an enhanced and beautiful anterior. It has a brightness of 450 cd/ m2 with a color saturation of 90% and a high contrast ratio of 1300:1. All these allow you to enjoy a rich media experience while also being able to carry it easily in your pocket or purse. Hence, in the Cubot X20 Pro Review, we can say that the display is outstanding.

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Cubot X20 Pro Benchmark and Gaming Review

Cubot X20 Pro Smartphone features the Helio P60 Processor and Arm Mali-G72MP3 GPU. The Octa-Core processor has a 12nm process technology with a clock speed that runs up to 2.0 GHz. It comes with a RAM size of 6 GB,128 GB ROM and, micro SD card can support up to 256 GB.

As per the spec sheet, even the benchmark results were amazing with the Cubot X20 Pro. Being priced at $150 and still able to come up on chart with its bitter rivals was a classic example of the performance that the device offers. Gaming was almost buttery smooth with the Cubot X20 Pro. I was able to test almost every high graphics games with the device.

Almost Stock Android!

Cubot X20 Pro Smartphone has the latest version of Android, but that’s not all, it has the stock version of Android 9.0 which means no bloatware. Android OS gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing apps from the store. Android Pie comes with very handy additional features. Cubot X20 Pro Smartphone comes with Face ID which is reliable in bright sunlight as well as in low-light conditions. Cubot X20 Pro also supports Bluetooth Version 4.2 and has a built-in GPS. If we were to list the disadvantages in the Cubot X20 Pro Review, it would be that it does not support NFC and the absence of an audio jack.

Opting for the Stock Android was one of the biggest reasons that I wanted to test this device. As I honestly believe you can blindly pick up a stock android device or at least a near-stock android like the oxygen os without worrying about performance. They directly reflect by offering optimal task management and definitely handles the battery consumption optimistically.

Triple Rear Cameras!

Cubot X20 Pro Camera Review

The camera is one of the most prominent features in the Cubot X20 Pro Review. It has triple rear cameras along with a 1A LED flash and a single front camera. The triple camera consists of 12 MP SONY IMX486, 20 MP SONY IMX350 and, 8 MP Ultra-wide camera. The main 12 MP camera in Cubot X20 Pro comes with PDAF technology to increase focus speed. On the other hand, the 20MP camera adjusts the depth of the field and removes background noise from the images. You get a 125-degree field of vision with the 8 MP camera.

Additionally, AI Scene Optimization Pro photo assistant comes with 15 scene optimization modes. You also get night mode which lets you take great quality pictures at night. The SONY IMX214 13MP front camera comes with features that allow you to beautify your face. Thus, we can say that the cameras are remarkable in the Cubot X20 Pro Review.

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Battery Life

The huge 4000mAh(non-removable) battery capacity frees you from the concern of battery drain while using your phone. Cubot X20 Pro Smartphone has a standby time of 347 hours , and it gives you 106 hours of music playback time. With calls, it reduces to 28 hours, and you get 8.7 hours while streaming 1080p videos. The battery life lasts for 6.2 hours while playing PUBG. Therefore, from the above information, we can conclude that the final feature in the Cubot X20 Pro Review is remarkable.

Is the Cubot X20 Pro Smartphone worth buying?

From the Cubot X20 Pro Review, we can conclude that the Cubot X20 Pro Smartphone is worth buying. While it may have some downsides, for instance, if you insert two sim cards, you cannot insert a memory card, and absence of NFC and an audio jack, it does have its perks. The design is astonishing with a unibody design and a 2.5D double-sided curved glass. It has a prominent display as well, and you can use Face ID to unlock the screen. It comes with a great processor and the latest version of OS. The triple camera on the back makes it look similar to the iPhone 11, and the battery life is great for a slim phone. If you’re on a budget, Cubot X20 Pro Smartphone is worth buying at an affordable price.

Cubot X20 Pro – Pros

  • Stock Android offers an optimal Battery usage
  • Brilliant Triplet Camera (Best under the price-tag)
  • An Easy 347 hours of battery performance

Cubot X20 Pro – Cons

  • Not so vibrant Display
  • Slippery Design and highly prone to fingerprint smudges
  • Despite the Glass panel lacks wireless charging
  • Annoying Charging Time

Buy CUBOT X20 Pro

Flash Sale Price: $149.99

Cubot X20 Pro Specification:

Model Cubot X20 Pro
Display 6.3 inch Waterdrop Screen – 2340×1080
Processor Helio P60 Octa Core
RAM + ROM 6GB + 128GB
Software Android 9.0
Rear Camera Triple Camera: Depth Camera [20 MP] + Main Camera [12 MP] + 125 deg Ultra Wide Camera
Battery 4000mAh Battery

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