Cubot S600 – Has more to offer apart from the Metal Body and 16 / 8 MP cameras

It’s not too rare that a Chinese manufacturer surprises as with some incredible phones. Most importantly for an affordable price. Such is the new terminal of the Chinese company ‘Cubot’. Today, we would like to introduce you to Cubot S600, a phone with a good value and endless features for every type of audience. We are pretty sure that this phone is not be ignore and brings a remarkable impact on the market for the mid-tier category.

Cubot S600

In advance, we want to inform our readers that Cubot S600 is powered with 2 GB of RAM, 16 MP camera / 8 MP and 4G connectivity. But the best desert menu is the price for which you will surely give a tip.

Technical Specification of Cubot S600:

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Features of Cubot S600:

We have categorized the major aspects of this terminal in the following category:

Design and Display (The Perfect Combination of Metal and Contrast )

If we take a look at the low cost category, the phones are often categorized by simple aesthetic, with a cheap plastic body and a design which looks similar to all the other phones in that category. But, here the case is vice versa. In S600 we have an angular design (same as Sony Xperia), not the common rounding edges. But the best thing which is worth of praising is the full body metal touch. The main materials in the molding of Cubot S600 is the metal and glass, which gives a very comfortable hold on the phone and a premium touch. Availability in three colors (white, black and gold) further enhances this aesthetic.

Cubot S600 colors

The other noticeable feature, apart from the metal construction, is the fingerprint sensor on the upper rear side of the terminal. The squared rear camera is perfect which matches the rectangular design of the terminal and further glorifies it’s beauty. Also we have a loading dock at the bottom and a discreet speaker on the back.

Moving to the screen of Cubot S600, it’s not that much good to create a long lasting impact on the users. Obviously, it doesn’t offer a Full-HD resolution, so it would have a Half-HD screen (720p). But the point is that it’s better than other mid-end terminals. Although, the word ‘Half-HD’ seems to be common for you in all the terminals, but S600 is an exception having a pixel density of 294 ppi and a brightness of 93% NTSC. Meanwhile, the anti-glare feature is also there to save the terminal, so no need to stare at the screen in the sunlight.

Cubot S600 screen

Hmm… That’s quite reasonable for that much price.

Camera (Here comes the selling point)

Cubot has always provided us with an excellent camera in their terminals. Thus, the same is the case with Cubot S600. Both of the cameras are the selling point of the phone. First starting with the rear one, it is a 16 MP camera with an opening f/2D, five lenses and an HDR mode which capture the scenes more realistic and of highest quality. The manufacturer isn’t Sony, not even OmniVision. The rear camera incorporates a Samsung manufactured sensor. Moreover, the dual LED flash brings more light to the pictures.

Cubot-S600 Camera

On the other side, we have a front 8 MP camera with 4 lenses , leaving an indisputable quality for both video calls and selfies. Any pictures taken with your smartphone, either with the rear camera as the front, you can pass them through the included software image editing. Adjust levels, add filters …


So friends, the conclusion for the camera section is that for that price the majority of the phones comes with only 13 MP (rear) and 8 MP (front), but the new Cubot S600 is different as you have seen in the above paragraph.


Performance (although a drawback but good for that price)

If you’re looking for a high performance phone, then Cubot S600 is not the right choice for you. Although, CPU is clearly not the best and doesn’t match the latest octa-core processors as it has only four cores at 1.3 GHz but are sufficient for the audience who are in search of a budget friendly phone. But the performance increases when it works hand in hand with 2 GB RAM and Mali-T720 as the GPU. The overall performance is mediocre, achieving a total score of nearlt 32,000 on Antutu.


In the connectivity aspect, it is sad to hear that we don’t have NFC or WiFi ac, but to cover this drawback the Dual-SIM has been introduced with 4G connectivity and other settings like WiFi b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and A-GPS etc.

Cubot S600 fingerprint

The fingerprint is already a common among new releases and Cubot has given a special role in your new model. It promises a response in 0.3 seconds, making it a good tool for improving the security of our data.

But what about the battery? The truth is that, although correct, we miss more autonomy. Manufacturers gentlemen, we want more!

Why Cubot S600 is worth of buying?

Everything depends upon your budget. For the people who want a budget friendly phone Cubot S600 is the best option. For the people who want to enjoy more features of a mid-end terminal at a ridiculous price, still the option is the same and for the photographers we recommend the same previous option.


The point is that Cubot S600 is the perfect all-rounder, providing good camera, mid-end performance, elegant design and 4G connectivity. It’s the upgraded version of Cubot P12. The things that were lacking in P12 are now fulfilled in S600.


  • Excellent Camera
  • Metal body
  • 4G connectivity
  • Fingerprint reader


  • Inadequate battery life
  • Mediocre performance

Price and Availability of Cubot S600:

If you’re interested in Cubot S600, you can buy it from the following Chinese sites:






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