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CUBE Thinker Notebook – 4K and 128 SSD Under $549.99 (Coupon)

December offers are almost at their highest, so the big question is, have you taken advantage of these incredible discounts? The answers can be varied, some will say yes, others will say no and some will be tempted to join this vicious circle of sales and if you are part of the latter group we may have the ideal product for you, so we invite you to take a look and now to continue in sync, we present the star of this show, the CUBE Thinker Notebook, a laptop that as we mentioned at the beginning, could become our first device purchased at a discount, so stay with us until the end to know all its features.

CUBE Thinker introduction

CUBE Thinker: Design

CUBE Thinker comes with a carefully designed design, which seeks to combine elegance with delicacy, although the real trick is to look something that is not, this is because its slightly rounded edges and aesthetic finishes can give us a first impression of being little resistant, but nothing further from reality, since it is made of magnesium alloy, which results in a strong metal casing, so we can have both beauty and resistance on the same device, being an up your sleeve. It is available in a single color, silver and thanks to this he manages to highlight his style even more. Regarding its peripherals and interfaces, we have the following:

  • 2x USB 3.0 port
  • 1x DC Port
  • 1x 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 1x Microphone
  • 1x Speaker
CUBE Thinker design

CUBE Thinker: Screen

The CUBE Thinker comes with a capacitive 13.5-inch IPS screen with a resolution of  3000 × 2000, slightly higher than the Full HD 1080P that we are used to seeing on most devices, although we are still a long way from enjoying the Ultra HD On the other hand, IPS technology manages to shine once again with vivid and clear colors, this is because it prevents leakage and loss of light, a phenomenon that usually ends up degrading the darker colors.

CUBE Thinker screen

CUBE Thinker: Hardware

The CUBE Thinker comes with a technical section that gives us a performance of dreams, which perfectly fulfills what it promises us, although to support all these praises we must know the magic behind the curtain. To start with we have an Intel processor, exactly the Intel Core m3-7Y30,  which is complemented with 2 cores at a frequency of 1.0GHz, although if we want more power we can apply overclocking that would take it up to 2.6GHz. For the graphics card we have an  Intel HD Graphics 615 at a frequency of  300MHz – 900MHz that is combined with a RAM memory of 8GB distributed in a single slot and for ROM we have 256GB SSD.

CUBE Thinker Notebook

Where to buy it?

Currently, we can acquire the CUBE Thinker in Gearbest with an incredible discount,  all we have to do is apply the following coupon (Cubethinker),  so the final price will be only $549.99,  the change would be €463. Like any offer, it has a time limit, so we must hurry if we want to take advantage of it. Then we will leave the purchase link in case you are interested in this beauty:


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