Cube iWork 10 Tablet Review – Something for Everyone [Coupon]

In the overcrowded market, there is a lot of offers, a lot of big names and products. Companies are doing their best to win customers and provide their best items at the lowest prices. If you are a fan of tablets and Windows operating system or you are a fan of Android OS and enjoy tablets, Cube iWork 10 might be the next big thing for you.

Cube iWork 10 Tablet and keyboard at the dark background.
Want to see how it performed in our testing scenarios? Read the rest of our review for detailed info on this product.

Cube iWork 10 Specs

Brand Cube
Model iWork 10
Color Blue
Screen Size 10.1-inches
Display resolution 1920 x1200
OS Windows 10/Android 5.1 Lollipop
Chipset Intel Atom X5-Z8300
CPU Quad-core 1.44GHz (up to 1.84GHz)
GPU Gen8-LP10 / 12EU up to 600MHz
Internal memory 64GB
Bluetooth Yes, v4.0
Wi-Fi Yes 802.11 b/g/n
Battery Li-Ion
Battery size 7500 mAh
Front camera 2MP
Back camera 2MP


Product came in a brown box made from recycled cardboard with Cube logo on it; nothing fancy about it, but it gets the job done. Besides the tablet, inside the box you will find the charger, USB cable, USB OTG cable and manual written in English and Chinese. Every piece of equipment is neatly packed and wrapped, ensuring the optimal protection.

The keyboard and stylus are not included in the box, and you have to buy them separately.

Cube iWork 10 packaging - brown box with the Cube logo on a dark brown table, held in hands.

OTG and micro USB cable
User manual written in English and Chinese

Cube iWork 10 Design

The device is probably one of the best-looking tablets that we have seen, regardless of the price range. It is made from a combination of poly-carbonate and some metal alloy. The combination of colors is also interesting – it is black on the front side, and blue on the back and around the tablet. iWork 10 looks and feels premium in every possible aspect.

Considering its size and weight, it is a very thin device at just 8mm but don’t worry because it is quite sturdy and durable. The front of the device houses large screen with several sensors coupled with front facing camera above it, and Windows home button bellow it.

Cube iWork 10 front side of the tablet, held in hands, white background.
The back side is very slick, but considering that you usually hold the tablet with both hands you don’t have to worry about dropping it. On the back, there is a main camera surrounded by black plastic. Some product information and iWork logo are printed on the lower portion of the back with obligatory “Intel inside” logo here as well. The device is prone to fingerprints and smudges, but it is easily cleanable so no problem there.

Cube iWork 10 tablet, held in hands, back side, white background.
There is power/lock button with volume buttons on the top of the device in the left corner, and it is easily reachable.
The left side of the device houses all ports like micro USB for charging and transfer, HDMI, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB 3.0 and micro SD card slot. Speakers are located on the right side, and they are plenty loud.

Cube iWork 10 tablet held in hand, showing connectivity ports, white background.
The bottom of this tablet houses ports for the attachable keyboard. Unfortunately, the keyboard doesn’t come in the package, but we’ve found the perfect deal for the original keyboard for you.

Check Out The Original Magnetic Keyboard for Cube Iwork10 from for only 63.34 US Dollars / 411.77 Chinese Yuan 

Cube iWork 10 is a modern looking tablet with high build quality that exceeds its price range. With the keyboard attached, you get a full functionality and multi-purpose device that exceeds its counterparts, which are costly.


Cube iWork 10 is equipped with 10.1-Inch capacitive IPS screen with up to 10-point multi-touch support. Resolution of the display is 1920×1200, and it is more than enough for its size. Some of the competition come with the double amount of pixel on their screens, but the difference is not that big, and battery life suffers because of that. We believe that Cube made the right decision opting for this resolution.
Display of this device offers excellent viewing angles, true-to-life colors and it is very bright. Bezels on the side of the screen are pretty big, but we think that this is a terrific thing. You can grab the tablet by the bezels and don’t interfere with the screen while watching videos for instance.

Cube iWork 10 display
The display is not scratch resistant so you will need to apply the screen protector film.

Stylus is great to use on this device for precision drawing and painting. It is not included in the box, but you can buy it separately for a couple of bucks.

Processor and RAM

Cube iWork 10 is endowed with great CPU-GPU combo. It ticks on a blazing fast Intel’s Quad-core 64-bit Atom X5-Z8300 (Cherry Trail Z8300) processor made in 14nm technology and clocked on 1.44GHz (and can go up to 1.84GHz when needed). The graphics chip is the 8th generation of Intel’s HD GPU’s, and it comes with 12 execution units, and that is a huge improvement over the previous generation of GPU’s. This configuration is coupled with 4GB of fast DDR3L RAM and offers stellar performance in all testing scenarios. Whether you are playing HD games or watching 4K videos, or just surfing the web, Cube iWork 10 will perform all task effortlessly. Multitasking is a breeze on this device as well. Some serious work like the professional photo and video editing is not recommended with this device, but it is usually performed on the desktop PC anyhow.

Cube iWork 10 Real racing gameplay, bunch of cars racing on a bright and clear day.
Gaming on Cube iWork 10 is a pleasure.


This tablet is equipped with a front and back camera with the resolution of 2-Megapixel. We can say that it is of average quality, but tablets are not usually made for photography work. Colors look saturated enough, and there is a nice level of details considering the resolution, but the light source must be excellent if you want decent photos. Autofocus is not fast, but it is accurate enough. Low light shots are out of the question because image quality seriously degrade. These cameras are only good for occasional photo and Skype calls. You can always carry you smartphone with you if you want more quality pictures, and you can transfer them to Cube iWork 10 in no time via USB OTG cable.

Storage Capacity

Cube iWork 10 is equipped with 64GB of onboard storage. Considering it is a dual-boot device, a lot of storage space is occupied by the systems. It is not a problem because the device has micro SD card slot and you can expand the storage with additional 128GB if you desire. It is certainly good news for gamers and multimedia consumers.
Here’s an excellent choice for storage expansion – a innexpensive 128GB microSD card

Operating System (OS)

The best thing about Cube iWork 10 is the ability to choose your operating system whether you want a full-fledged Windows 10 experience, or you ache for freedom that Android 5.1 Lollipop. In either way, you won’t get disappointed because this device has it all.

We have used our tablet mainly in Windows 10, but we have tried Android on it Green Android hugging Windows logo, white well, and we can say that it runs exceptionally well. Every OS has it pros and cons, and you can decide what works best for you. Our combination was Android for games and Windows for business. Keep in mind that you can also get Cube iWork 10 exclusively on Windows 10 OS.

Apps and games are not problems because Google Play Store and Microsoft store are both supported.
Overall, whatever OS you choose you will not be disappointed because they both run without lag or stutter and excellent indeed.


It is the area in which Cube iWork shines because it offers a plethora of connectivity options. The device has good Wi-Fi modem built in, with 802.11 b/g/n standards. It has no problem keeping the connection even with the low signal strength. Bluetooth 4.0 is also onboard, and it supports faster data transmission and lower battery drain.

USB 3.0 is on board, and it is an excellent tool for transferring media from and to the tablet as well as connect the mouse or external keyboard. HDMI on this device supports 4K output, and it is a great solution for multimedia consumption. Just plug the cable and connect your tablet to a 4K large TV and you ready to enjoy to the fullest.

Cube iWork 10 Battery

The device uses a large 7500mAh lithium-ion battery. Manufacturer states that battery can last up to six hours of watching movies, which is a good time, considering the size of the display. By lowering display brightness, we were able to get the six hours of screen-on time, so the claims of the manufacturer are a bit off, but not bad. Battery life is good, though not excellent, and you can prolong it by switching off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if you are not in need for them.

Additional Features

Cube iWork 10 offers several sensors like light sensor and G-sensor for improving the sensation when playing multimedia and games. It has rich multimedia support out of the box and is capable of playing nearly any music or video file. It also has a full office suite for editing images, documents, videos, and presentations.

Pros and Cons

In this part of our review, we list all the good and bad things about a product that we have used.


  • Great CPU and GPU combo with plenty of RAM ensure excellent using experience
  • Expandable storage up to 128GB
  • Ability to choose you OS on the go
  • Good design and build quality
  • Bright display with high resolution perfect for multimedia and surfing the web


  • Camera is not great
  • Doesn’t support SIM cards

Our opinion

After spending the time with this device, we can certainly say that we have enjoyed using it. Cube iWork 10 may not be the greatest tablet in the world, but it offers a lot considering its price tag, and it will not leave anyone indifferent. If you are in the market for an affordable and reliable tablet/PC combo, this is the device for you.
Use the coupon (Code: iWork104) to get it for a song.

Cube iWork 10 deal

06Feel free to comment in the comment section bellow the review and express your opinion on this tablet.



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  1. Google Play Services are NOT supported. Tablets are being sent out without Google Play Store. Tablet will not accept Google Play installation.

      1. Don’t worry you can download and install 1mobile instead of google play. It has every apk that has google play and also the apks of the latest android versions that you can’t find in google play if you have older android versions.

  2. I bought one of these from an online supplier. Its a nice computer in-itself, sturdily built and quite a sleek design, though the keyboard you can purchase has rather “cluncky” cheap keys, BUT it takes a phenomenal time to charge via the USB 2 socket, from 0-100% it takes around 14 hours, only giving you about 5 hours of usage. (I see some versions DO have separate 9V supply input).
    Even when plugged in it still guzzles batteries, and makes little difference to the amount of time you can use it.
    It states on the back that it takes 2A at 5V input, but when measured it only appears to take the USB allotted standard of 0.5A (even with a high power supply). I have tried to contact the manufacture to inquire if you need a special charger, but they simply do not reply.
    Windows 10 is pretty awful, a big improvement on windows 8, but it takes considerably hacking to switch off all the features that send out streams of personal data; photos, location, updates (for this computer AND synchronizing to any other computer in the neighborhood), even then windows will eat swathes of bandwidth. Unless you also do some internal settings hacking, windows wont actually shut down fully when you tell it to.
    There seems to be some new “wonderful” touch gestures, when used with the touch pad of the keyboard, for zooming, switching to desktop, minimising windows etc. I think i have figured out the zoom, but the switching to desktop etc. is still a mystery, and so it tends to do this with little prompting, when you are in the middle of simply trying to move the cursor. Even though the “advanced gestures” feature has been switched off it still persists, and it is not clear if this is simply a fault with software / hardware, or if it IS in fact intentional!
    I would love to get Linux Mint working on this tablet, (so I can take control back over what my computer is doing, not what it thinks is best for me!) but the UEFI boot means windows has control, and so far I have been unable to get Linux installed alongside (issues with “grub” boot installation, that so far I have been unable to fix even with reference to online solutions.) Getting an internet connection to the Linux installation so it can also install driver etc. is also a potential challenge.

  3. Bought one recently.

    First impressions:
    – It looks and feels like a nice piece of kit.
    – Windows is actually quite useful on a small form factor like a tablet, full x86/64 version rather than the restricted RT. It isn’t a professional workstation, but is capable of running Eclipse.
    – Android runs brilliantly, and despite what some commenters here say, it DOES have play store
    – I initially bought it with a keyboard case, which folds up nicely, however using it freehand is awkward, the keyboard just flops about, if you bend it back to use it as a ‘tablet’ it still thinks the keyboard is connected, it is only really suited for a desk where you can use the rear corners as a stand.

    – The lack of a £3 stylus is a bit stingy
    – Used it for a few hours, got it down to 44% charge. Plugged in charger and was alarmed that it seemed to stay at 44%. Left it overnight and it did charge to 100%, but as everyone here says, the charging does seem to be alarmingly slow.

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