CRESUER HIGHWAVE QE Wireless Headphones: Worth Buying? [Coupon Included]

Audio products are available in handfuls throughout the technological market and it is hard to make a mark. Unless the best is made, garnering attraction and fame isn’t something so plausible. With so much competition, it isn’t necessary to stay on the top of the entire circuit anymore. Products and companies are known for the specific niche they cater to. In the midst of all these, Cresuer is a company whose Touchwave TWS Earphones made a buzz for being more worthy for the price it is sold at when compared to the Apple AirPods. Adding on-to their legacy, the company is once again back with their next cool product, the Cresuer Highwave QE Wireless headphones.

With the first product making such a buzz, there is an intrigue regarding how this new product will be, along with the additional layer of scrutiny that comes along with the hype. So today we present you the Top 5 Reasons why the Cresuer Highwave QE Wireless Headphones is Worth the purchase!

Worth buying the CRESUER HIGHWAVE QE Bluetooth Headphones?

Comfortably Built!

The first thing that any customer looks at while considering whether a headphone is worth buying is the comfort it provides when kept over the head. Since the Cresuer Highwave QE is an over the ear headphone, it is expected to have comfortable ear-pads that don’t cause disturbances over prolonged usage.

With comfortable memory foam ear-pads, the Cresuer Highwave QE provides a pillowy place for the ears to rest. The adjustable headband is also made of a material to ensure the roughness of the headband isn’t felt when pressed. It is a pleasant and smooth experience. And last, but not the least, the ear-cups are designed to ensure that the ears don’t come halfway outside while a portion is inside. The swiveling ear-cups cover the entire ear without any parts sticking out.

Complementing the wonderful design that is a comfortable fit for the ear, the Cresuer Highwave QE comes with a case. This durable pouch keeps it convenient to store the headphones safely.

Long battery for the road

The Cresuer Highwave QE comes with a battery life that is fit for the road. Needing only 2.5 hours of charging, the Cresuer Highwave Wireless Headphone tends to offer an impeccable amounts of battery life. With a standby life of 3 months, the Cresuer Highwave QE can give some minutes more than 24 hours of music playback.

Apart from the long battery life slightly more than a day, the Cresuer Highwave QE can also be used with the 3.5 mm AUX cable that comes with the headphones. This acts as a great alternative in cases when the battery of the Cresuer Highwave Bluetooth headphones runs out.

Freaking 24 Hours of Music Playback!

The CRESUER HIGHWAVE QE lets you Focus on your music!

The Cresuer Highwave QE Bluetooth Headphones is built to help keep your attention solely on your music and nothing else. The swiveling ear-cups are more than just a comfort factor in terms of usage. It also acts as a great noise cancellation device.

This kind of noise cancellation is most suited for people who travel often and are on the road or in transit from place to place. The CRESUER HIGHWAVE QE Bluetooth Headphones eliminates the vehicle hum produced by engines of instances like flights or train journeys. Tuning out such distractions helps to keep constant attention on the music. This can also be used in daily life outside in places of constant environmental noise.

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A musical memory

Without proper audio output, there isn’t any use of audio products. The Cresuer Highwave QE ensures you have your music intact. With music being part of many memorable moments of life, there’s meaning only if the required songs are played without any losses due to improper transmission or any dent in clarity. The audio output from the Cresuer Highwave Bluetooth headphones is free from all these issues. It can also be called a wonderful music memory reviver for the crystal clear music it gives.

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Simple controls

The Cresuer Highwave QE has all the controls needed in any basic wired headphone. The required buttons are strategically placed at points which are easily accessible and can provide instant responses whenever needed. From audio controls like volume control and song selection to responding to calls and even summoning the voice assistant, the Cresuer Highwave wireless headphones can do it all with a simple touch of a button. Such simple controls make the user experience a smooth one without any troubles and the Cresuer Highwave Bluetooth Headphones has ensured in providing that sans hindrances.

Pricing & Availability

Already Intrigued by the offerings of CRESUER HIGHWAVE QE? What more cool is that all of these goodness comes out for just $89.99. Specifically for our readers we would like to give out an exclusive coupon that will let you purchase the CRESUER HIGHWAVE QE Bluetooth Headphones for a stunning price of $82.99 (This is a limited Period offer). Anyways do share your thoughts about the CRESUER HIGHWAVE QE Bluetooth Headphones on the comment section below.


Offer Price: $82.99


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