Creality CR-20 Review | With Upgraded Chip and Convenient Function

Creality CR 20 is now available in the market and it’s the worthy Eligible successor of Creality CR 10 came with few advanced features and benefits as well and promises more user conveniences, better quality, more simplicity but exquisite. This release from Creality is pretty similar to CR 10 such as the build volume, design and minimalistic look but the new features added to it make it seems like an advanced version of Creality Ender 3. However, we are going to make an honest Creality CR 20 review. Keep yourself to the end with us, happy 3D printing.

Creality CR-20 Review

Shenzhen CREALITY 3D is a China based 3D printer manufacturer giant are famous for using all metal parts, high precision injection molded parts and they undergo a rigorous debugging and test before any shipment.

But What’s new in CR 20 they bring? Let’s go through its overall features and benefits and talk about is it worth to buy it?

Design and Appearance

The design is simple and minimal very much alike CR10 but it integrates the aluminum rail based design of Creality Ender 3.

The build volume of CR20 is 220*220*250 mm which is a bit smaller than its predecessor CR10.

CR10 was great due to its huge print area but here in CR20 you will have a bit less print area which is a bit disappointing to its users.

Above the low print area, the design architecture it followed is the modular design. Means the hole printer is separated into modules which made the printer easy to install.

The frame and structure made with metal especially aluminum mixed material which is strong, sturdy, long lasting, ensures less wear and tear at large scale print.

The biggest change of CR20 from CR10 in terms of design is the illumination of the control box to ensure better space management. So goodbye to the umbilical control box which is mounted now at the bottom of the printer in a custom enclosure which made the printer compact and less bulky. Also, Creality integrated an LCD display on this printer base.

The Hardware

The improvement of hardware like the mainboard is impressive for Creality CR20. They added V2.1 main board which is an upgraded chip than the previous version as the manufacturer’s claims which allows more stable printing speed.

Creality CR 20 Review

Quick Installation Feature

As we told earlier the printer built based on modular design and architecture which made the printer incredibly easy to install. What you have to do? There are two modules which will be mounted using six screws only and you are done.

Creality CR 20 Review

The display and Encoder Wheel

Creality added an LCD display along with an encoder wheel in CR20 which is mounted at the base or the control box. The display tilted at 30-degree angle which allows you to see and operate smoothly. The display does not seem like a touchscreen. Hope they will make an improvement on it.

Self-adhesive Platform

The common scenario of 3D printers is, removing the printed object using the knife which sometimes damages the object body and creates scratches to the print bed. The Creality CR10 has come with a glass print bed, which was appreciated by the users due to it was adaptable with a lot of filament type or material.

Creality CR20 came with a removable Buildtak-like print bed which allows the user to remove the printed object just bending the bed. So removing print object is much easier now and I think ever. The downside is we lost the compatibility with a wide range of materials. The best solution was to keep both options, the glass bed, and the removable Buildtak-like print bed.

Resume Print even after Power Off

The CR20 can resume printing as per this feature is getting popular now a day to the 3D printers. The users thanked Creality for adding this feature.

So, what the resume print feature is? If there is any power failure the system will resume the printing and complete the model.Creality CR 20 Review

High-quality Machine Parts

The printer has high quality machine parts and accessories built with high technology.

It has large nuts allows you to level the bed more precisely and easily. The couplings are ridged, the nozzles are made of brass which ensures more precious mold extrusion and longevity. You have the flexibility to print bigger models due to the long extrusion clamp. The printer provides a high quality power supply box with allows you seamless power supply and promises long-term use. Also, the printer provides high quality timing belt.

The Print Speed

The print speed It has is 80mm/s to 200mm/s which is relatively high then the product available in the market. The print speed varies with nozzle diameter you know. The nozzle diameter is replaceable. The built in diameter is .4mm but can be changed up to .3m or .2m. The variable nozzle diameter allows the user to print at different filament extrusion rate and at variable speed offers by the Creality CR20 3D printer.

the display

Filament support

You know there is a lot of filament type available for 3D printers. CR20 support a wide range of filament and filament material like 1.75mm PLA, ABS, TPU, Copper, Wood, Carbon etc.

Software supporting

You know the printer converts the 3D design into a real model. Creality CR20 supports most of the renowned 3D software like the PROE, Solid-works, UG, 3d Max, Rhino 3D design etc. So you will a greater flexibility to use any software you are expert in. Sounds great.

What’s Inside the Package

Once you order the printer you will get a nicely wrapped package. You will have a few extra ranges of accessories inside the package. Like an extra nozzle, spatula, hex key, a pair of wire cutters, nozzle cleaner, filament and so on. You will get few filament and SD card as the gift.

The features are missing

  1. less volume print area than its predecessor we talked earlier.
  2. The absence of Glass bed
  3. Lack of auto calibration means there is not an auto print bed leveling sensor. Though they announced auto leveling sensor at Creality CR10 S version. It’s really frustrating they did not add it here CR20. Hope they will add it next.
  4. The dual lead screw also missing here in CR20.

Is it worth to buy?

Though few features we expected, the absent technologies already Creality have but they did not add it with this release CR20, but at this price tag its worth to buy due to its advanced hardware, modular design, metal sturdy structure, the self-adhesive platform, resume printing features, super-fast print speed it is worthy to get one. Happy 3d Printing.

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