Creality 3D CR-X Printer Review: A Dual Extrusion printer


Creality is the well-known brand for the printers which always come with the best printers. After the success of CR-10, Creality 3D as now surprised the customers with new Creality 3D CR-X. The Creality 3D CR-X comes with a similar styled 3D printer with the dual extrusion capability. This is the first time Creality has come up with the dual extruder 3D printer.

Creality 3D CR-X

Creality 3D CR-X printer is a new technology printer which is affordable for all the users. This 3D printer provides all the necessary functions of printers that are required in today’s life. The new Creality 3D CR-X printer is an update to users of the company, to get up with the technology. Just only to go with the trend but also at a very affordable price. A Creality printer is an advanced version of the 3D printers.  The best thing about it is that every person in need can afford this printer. Moreover, get all the necessary required facilities that a customer need.

Let’s dive in,

Creality 3D CR-X Printer Specifications:


The packing of the 3D Creality Cr-X printer comes with a standard size package. Inside of this package is a fully wrapped branded box which contains the printer. On the top of the table, you can see the logo of the company (Creality) is provided. The other information’s like the specifications and the features of the printer are given on the back of this box. On the front, a sticker containing the model number and the color of the printer is pasted.

Creality 3D CR-X

Once you open your box, you can clearly see the printer placed in the foam. The printer is entirely wrapped with a transparent paper to keep it away from the dust. To get your new printer started, you can go through the booklet that is provided with the printer and learn all the necessary step that has to be kept in mind.


The shape of the Creality 3D CR-X printer is a bit similar to the previous version CR10. The new printer CR-X comes with 300*300*400  dimensions which include a lot of features in this small gadget.

Creality 3D CR-X

In 2017 Creality started with a 3D printer named CR10 which struck a chord in the printer community. This printer was capable of printing the high-quality prints. The CR10 printer provided particular features in its 300*300*400 print volume. It was rarity back in that time and was expected as the latest technology.  But with the launching of Creality 3D CR-X printer in 2018, the printer rightfully too the place of CR10. This is because the community goes to the machine for printing big.

A year after the 300 mm square print bed is very common in the market. Every good and bad company in the market can provide you this product in very less price and with a bad and also sometimes the excellent quality. So, it brings the Creality to think about the new product.


Creality 3D CR-X

The company after a year launched a new Creality 3D CR-X printer which comes with the advanced features than CR10. A new CR-X is an upgrade to the previous version. So, other than the impressions, we get from Creality is the latest release. The gadget with the promising colors and more creativity than the previous printer CR10. The new printer is the dual extrusion 3D printer which is base on the framework of the CR10. You can also say that the further upgrading of the CR10 gives us the CR-X. It albeit with many few features and even a new dual extrusion printing.

The Set up:

Getting back to the assembling of the printer, we start with the packing as we have discussed earlier. The new Creality CR-X comes wrapped in a plain box that appears precisely like its predecessor, the CR10. You can just recognize it from the table which says’s Creality 3D CR-X printer. This makes it easy to relate between the two printers. The small label provides as mentioned earlier where you find it is a Creality 3D CR-X printer.

Creality 3D CR-X

The printer is very cleanly packed and is secures with the foam all around the printer in a trademark Creality style.


4 Sections of Printer:


When you open the box and separate the printer from the foam, you will see that the printer broke into four prices. The four sections are as mentioned; the two are the upper and the lower part. The control box and the carton are other two components. Carton section includes all the elements such as the quick guide, micro USB. And micro USB is provided to connect the printer to the power or the supply to make the printer work.

Creality 3D CR-X

The card reader is another component in the carton section, which helps to read the cards like sd-card which contains the information of what to print. The frame parts and spare parts are given to assemble the printer in a proper working manner. To fully assemble the 3D Creality CR-X printer the additional tools are provided.

At last, when the assembling of the printer is finished, you are left with the dark spots of color or some dirt. To remove these all the places a filament remover is provided with the printer. You can use this filament remover as per the need with a soft cloth. You need to apply a little of this filament and rub it in the place where you need the spot to remove. The carton section also provides the other components like the cleaning nozzle needle, PLA filament, and filament holder.

The additional AC and USB cables are given with this printer so that the customer does not have any problem with connecting the printer to the supply and their device. It is also provided with the filament detection run out switch, and this switch helps you to switch the printer on and of and to the standby mode.

Along the X-axis:

The new Creality 3d CR-X printer is available with two spoon holders on the top of it which feeds into two extruders. These two spoons are situated on both the ends of the X-axis of the printer. From this point, the two filaments pass through PTFE tubes into a single Y-splitter. This feeds the PTFE tubes into the CR-X’s hoot end, before the extrusion of it through a single 0.4mm nozzle.

Creality 3D CR-X

This type of system relies on the arguably wasteful purge towers and, also on many temporary measures such as purge-infill and the objects to the print clean break between the material given.

For this type, there is no any indication of specific software that comes with the Creality CR-X. The software is required to set up the dual extrusion prints. This left the user with the chances of familiarizing with the preferred slicer’s options.

The new Creality 3D CR-X printer features the dimensions of 300*300*400mm print area. These dimensions are very similar to that of its previous version CR10. But in the original CR-X, the user is given a new update. This gadget comes with the coated glass bed. This painted glass bed is not different from the Anycubic’s Ultrabase.

Creality 3D CR-X

The company describes this coated bed as being a  ”carboloy silicon printing platform.” This covered bed honestly seems like a marketing fluff other than any useful/meaningful material for the printer. This painted glass helps to grip the prints when the printer gets hot, and it helps to cool it down.

Along the Y-axis:

Creality 3D CR-X

It can be clearly seen from the renderings that the print beds go along the Y-axis is very well supported. The support is provided by the load spread and the running over dual 2020 extrusions which runs on eight pulleys.

The new feature of 3D CR-X printer aimed to keep the things neat and tidy. This goes on to function when the machine is in operation, the lone ribbon cable which connects the base unit to the X-axis stepper and with the dual extruders and hot ends.

Creality 3D CR-X

All the features and the specifications of the Creality 3D CR-X printer are located in the base, under the print bed. To interact with the machine in a better and a proper way, Creality has added a new feature of 4-inch color LCD touchscreen. This LCD touchscreen is found at the front and the center on the base unit.

Another exciting feature by the Creality 3D company is the z-axis motion is handled by the belt-driven with dual lead screw getup. A single stepper motor in the printer provides the power to the left lead screw. A toothed pulley and a belt system drive the second screw on the right-hand side of the printer in turn. Another necessary step we suspect is giving the additional weight of a second extruder motor on X-axis rail.

What can Creality 3D CR-X printer print?

We all understand 3D printing is a manufacturing process, in which material is laid down layer by layer. As a result, an object is created. The Creality CR-X works with a three-dimensional data generated on both a computer-aided design (CAD) or computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). So it will face no problem where from your data comes.

Creality 3D CR-X

In this sense, you can use the Creality CR-X to create product models and prototypes quickly. Of course, you can. But this is an industrial 3D printer, which also means you can use it to make final products. Say, you can print shoe designs, furniture, wax castings for making jewelry, tools, tripods, gift and novelty items, and toys. If you are an artist, you will be able to create sculptures by this. It can be convenient for architects to fabricate models of their projects. The Creality CR-X can be used by archaeologists to reconstruct models of fragile artifacts.


Creality CR-X Tech Specs

  • Technology: FDM
  • Frame: Cartesian
  • Year: 2018
  • Category: Desktop, semi-assembled
  • Print area: 300 x 300 x 400mm
  • Nozzle size: 0.4mm
  • Z-axis resolution: 0.05mm
  • print speed: 200mm/s
  • 3rd Party material compatibility: Yes
  • Interface: 4-inch color LCD touchscreen
  • Boxed size: 640 x 540 x 340mm
  • Printer size: 550 x 400 x 650mm
  • Packaged weight: 15kg
  • Printer weight: 12kg
  • Power supply: 24V

Our verdict:

Most 3D printers also come with a software suite, either supplied on disk or available for the download, which includes everything you need to get printing. Unfortunately, the Creality CR-X doesn’t offer anything specific. So you have to rely on your experience and knowledge. This doesn’t mean the CR-X will become useless. Absolutely, no. You just have to search for it and find which software meets your requirements most.

If you are new in the 3D printing, you should only find software that controls the printer and slicer formats the object file into layers based on the selected resolution and so on. Also, if there is a software that will correct problems that could interfere with smooth printing, even better.

Creality 3D CR-X

If ignoring the lack of software, the rest of the features of the Creality CR-X is eye-catching. There are at least, four advantages. The Creality CR-X uses two colors that helps this 3D printer create way better objects. It has a large print area that allows creating more prominent products. The 4.3-inch bright touchscreen allows the users to implement various operations and interact with the printer easily. And at last, the Creality CR-X uses a dual-fan system to provide a better cooling effect.

The features mentioned above are, and the company introduces them as the selling points. But we’d like to focus on a few other features as well. Say, the Creality CR-X uses an all-metal extruder, which provides a better strength, a longer service life, and a smoother printing experience.

Next, the Creality CR-X adopts a single wire design. This just means you only need one wire to connect the base and the gantry to start printing.

Why and Where to Buy Creality CR-X?

With the Creality CR-X, designers can quickly turn concepts into 3D models or prototypes and implement rapid design changes. It lets manufacturers produce products on demand rather than in large runs, improving inventory management and reducing warehouse space. Moreover, the Creality CR-X can save money and material versus subtractive techniques, as very little raw material is wasted.

Of course, you can buy the Creality CR-X from various platforms. It is very popular, and many retailers will make reasonable offers for it. As for now, we are offering to take a look at how much GearBest requires for it. It should be one of the lowest price tags.


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