Deal! TOMSHOO Snorkel mask for € 24.99 (Coupon Included)

perfect for those pool days in summer.

In this particular occasion, we continue to know new facets of a manufacturer that has shown a diligent work style, that is why we dedicate ourselves in this opportunity to TOMSHOO, who counts with a repertoire of practical options, like the TOMSHOO stove, that allows you to enjoy a field day with the comforts of home, but this brand is not limited to anything, and this time brings us the TOMSHOO Snorkel Mask.

TOMSHOO Snorkel Mask

TOMSHOO Snorkel Mask: Colors

The TOMSHOO snorkel mask comes in a basic presentation of 3 different colors, pink, black and light blue, which is always appreciated when choosing a product according to our style.

TOMSHOO Snorkel Mask

TOMSHOO Snorkel Mask: Design

The Snorkel mask of TOMSHOO has a full mask design and wide window, which offers a user with a field of vision of approximately 180 degrees, so we can enjoy the underwater vision at pleasure, however, this is not all, since it has a support to place a camera to capture what you see underwater.

TOMSHOO Snorkel Mask

Mask Snorkel by TOMSHOO: Drains and breathing system

The Snorkel mask of TOMSHOO has a “dry cap” system and double flow, with this, we can inhale and exhale as we would do normally, through the nose or mouth, without any inconvenience, this thanks to the design made by TOMSHOO in this snorkel.

TOMSHOO Snorkel Mask

Mask Snorkel by TOMSHOO: Isolation

Tomshoo Snorkel mask is ergonomically sealed for the shape of the human face, reducing the possibility of water getting into it, in addition, the earplugs are quite soft offering a good level of comfort within its use while protecting your ears of water and irritation.

TOMSHOO Snorkel Mask

TOMSHOO Snorkel Mask: Durability

In terms of durability, TOMSHOO with its snorkel mask has made the filters using an ultra-resistant material based in unbreakable polycarbonate, which offers the snorkel mask excellent characteristics in terms of durability, it also comes with a bag of mesh storage for optimal storage during your trips.

TOMSHOO Snorkel Mask: Where to get it?

This excellent Snorkel Mask from TOMSHOO is on sale on at a price of 49.99 euros, however, in this opportunity we have a discount coupon available for you, cutting down the price to only 24.99 euros, but you must hurry, because this deal will end on September 27 to the first 100 units sold, the coupon in question is (WJVXXUD5).

Buy TOMSHOO Snorkel Mask on Amazon for €24.99


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