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JJRC X11, a deja vu?

Probably yes, certainly remember something. Even the name is similar to that of the model that inspired it. We are obviously talking about the SJRC F11 seen a few months ago. This JJRC X11 incorporates many of the features of F11, but it is not completely the same.



Meanwhile, it is a folding drone, as are now the majority of drones. It is understood that to be used to the maximum, the drone must always be able to be carried around. And this is feasible if the arms are reclosable.

Motors and sensors

Then the drone must have the GPS, cross, and delight, which allows you to fly without thoughts and get the drone back to the ground with a simple push of the RTH button. And this X11 does not disappoint, and it is equipped with GPS but not only! The optical position sensor, often called Optical Flow, or VPU, is usually disregarded on the belly. It comes into play when the GPS is deactivated or not available, trying to keep the drone stationary by using a lower chamber that frames the ground and sonar that continuously monitors the presence of lower obstacles. Very useful for indoor shooting.


JJRC X11 is brushless motorized, ie, and the motors are very durable, resistant, and performing. Definitely the best choice, at least on drones with sufficiently large batteries. It is precisely on this aspect that X11 offers a 3400mAh 2-cell lipo battery that guarantees over 20 minutes of autonomy.

The photo department of JJRC X11JJRC X11The sellers who today in the JJRC X11 catalog declare a 2K camera with 2048 X 1152 pixel resolution and 20fps video. The lens is quite wide, at 110 °. The chamber is adjustable from the remote control with a 90-degree excursion. The video is also transmitted to your smartphone on the frequency of 5Ghz, or the phone will need to have dual band wifi (band ac). If the phone is not equipped with this feature, it will not be possible to see the video from the visvo on the telephone, as well as not being able to interact with the application to activate additional features (so check first! ). The declared online video range is definitely 300-500m.


The X11 radio control

Also from this point of view JJRC X11 differs from F11: the radio control is in fact built with a display, which provides us with immediate information on distance, height, battery charge levels, number of satellites and more.

Flight modes


Among the flight, modes stand out the well-known Circle mode, Follow me and WayPoint. Obviously, the GPS deals with the automatic return in case of signal loss or low battery.

Where to buy JJRC X11

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!



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