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We have already discussed some of the best modern electric vehicles available in the market, including the ZIYOUJIGUANG T18 and Xiaomi Ninebot One Z10. In case if you are not prepared to trust electric scooters, unicycles or electric rollers, then a bicycle will be an excellent option for getting around the populous city. Electric bikes are advancing every year, and now you can travel approximately 80 kilometers using one-time charge at speeds as high as 25 km / h. Amazing, isn’t it?

FIIDO D2 Electric Bike

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the latest novelty in the market, FIIDO D2 Electric Bike. The primary features of this smart bike include its compact size, massive battery, and three settings of operation.
Now let’s have a closer look at the characteristics and primary advantages of FIIDO D2 over other electric bikes.

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FIIDO D2 Specifications:

Dimensions: 130 times 35 x 110 centimeter
Weight: 19 kg
Obtainable colors: gray, white
Steering wheel size: 16 inches
Components: Aluminum alloy
Folding: Certainly
Brake Program: Double Brake rotor
Motor power: 250 Watts
Maximum speed: 25 kilometers / h
Lifting elevation: 30 degrees
Battery Capability: 7. 8Ah Li-Ion
Operating period: 30 km in electrical mode, 60 kilometer in hybrid mode
Optimum load: 120 kg
Delivery set: electric bike, phone charger, hex key, multi-function key


FIIDO D2 Electric Bike


The FIIDO D2 Electric Bike uses nothing less than premium alloy as the base material. It provides high strength and durability for an extended period. The latest electric bike is available in two colors to select from dark grey and white. Seat, steering, and wheels in every model are in black.

According to the images released by the company, the FIIDO D2 Electric Bike features and futuristic design with stylish appearance. The height between the ground and the seat isn’t considerable. Yes, for super tall people, this can be a nagging problem, but an average person can comfortably make a trip this bike. Of course, you can also customize the height of the seat, to match your physic.

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FIIDO D2 Electric Bike

As for the light, you can find a LED flashlight just under the steering wheel. The power of the flashlight is enough to provide to safe journey during poor daylight or during night time trips. Moreover, for more accessible transportation, you can also fold the FIIDO D2 Electric Bike in half. This also makes the device take up significantly less space during storage in the house or the automobile.

The precise dimensions with the bike are the following:  130 x 35 x 110 cm and weight 19 kg. The folded bike takes only 75 x 65 cm.

FIIDO D2 Electric Bike


FIIDO D2 Electric Bike features a powerful 250 W electric motor. It offers three modes of operation. The foremost is that the bike moves only by using the user’s hard physical work, that’s, to pedal. The second reason is a combined mode when the electric motor helps pedal. The 3rd setting is completely electronic when the user doesn’t need to pedal whatsoever.

FIIDO D2 Electric Bike

These three modes also define the operating time of the bike. The built-in battery has a power of 7.8 Ah. Depending upon the mode you are using the FIIDO D2 Electric Bike can easily travel from 30 to 60 kilometers. It takes around 5 hours to charge the latest bike completely.

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FIIDO D2 Electric Bike

Moreover, with the FIIDO D2 Electric Bike, you can easily climb slopes up to 25 degrees. Its 16-inch wheels deliver a safe ride, not merely on the smooth road, but also on uneven surfaces.


FIIDO D2 Electric Bike

When compared with the previous model Fiido D1, it really is difficult to procure any noticeable adjustments. You should analyze both versions carefully, because all of them offers mostly the same advantages. For instance, both the two bicycles possess a dual brake disk, plus they are also capable of carrying people weighing up to 125 kilograms.

However, the Fiido D2 is the latest version and offers wheels 2 inches bigger than a Fiido D1 bike. Large wheels create a safer experience on the road. If we discuss the benefits of Fiido D1, this bike offers to 80 km of battery life in mixed mode up, as the Fiido D2 can travel up to 60 km about the same charge.

FIIDO D2 Electric Bike

FIIDO D2 Electric Bike provides a perfect balance between performance and cost. Whenever choosing between FIIDO D2 and D1, you should pay attention to a little difference in appearance and performance. In general, you will be satisfied with this bikes.

FIIDO D2 Pros:

  • Stylish design and small size.
  • Good build components.
  • Capability to fold in half.
  • Large wheels and brake program ensures safe traveling.
  • Three modes of uses.


  • Little changes when compared to first style of the bike.
  • Insufficient a tail light.

FIIDO D2 Electric Bike

How to buy FIIDO D2 Electric Bike ?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

COPY COUPON CODE:  X304B511D921D001                               VALIDITY: 07/03/2019


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