[Coupon] Buy DJI Ryze Tello RC Drone on Gearbest for just $89.99 (Lowest Price Ever)

The Ryze Tello is the incursion of the Chinese company DJI in the market of cheap drones. The Tello drone is the result of the technology and design of DJI, the video processing chip of Intel and manufactured by the Chinese company Ryze. And as you would expect with these wickers the resulting drone is the best in its price segment. It is equipped with a 5 mp camera to record high-resolution videos, a perfect stabilization system, and high-quality materials.

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It’s a perfect selfie drone. You can throw it from the palm of your hand and make vlogs (selfies made by a drone) with a great image quality and without having previously flown a drone to get impressive videos with EZ Shots, pre-recorded short videos that you can share immediately from your mobile device The Ryze Tello is controlled from a mobile device, compatible for both Android and iOS and also supports Bluetooth radio control.

Technical specifications of the Ryze Tello by DJI:

The Ryze Tello DJI has dimensions of 9.80 x 9.25 x 4.10 cm and a weight of only 80 grams. It is very easy to transport drone that can accompany you immortalizing your leisure moments with some really amazing videos and photos. It has an interchangeable 3.8V 1100mAh battery with a flight time of about 11 minutes, a time longer than the average of drones in its segment. You can extend your flight time by acquiring extra batteries along with the drone in the following link. Extra battery for the Ryze Tello DJI.

The Ryze Tello DJI incorporates a system of positioning by vision with cameras in its inferior part that provide an amazing stability to it. You can enjoy a very precise stationary flight and thus focus on the realization of videos and photos. The Ryze Tello DJI is equipped with a 5 mp HD camera with Intel processor that makes videos and photos stored on your mobile device. The control of the Ryze Tello DJI is done through a mobile device compatible with both Android and iOS systems. Install the Tello app on your mobile or tablet and synchronize with the drone. From the app, you can see in real time the images captured by the camera, pilot with virtual levers and access all the functions of the drone. The Ryze Tello DJI also supports Bluetooth radio controllers. Although driving from the app is more than enough if you want even more precise piloting in the following link you can buy the remote for the Ryze in the following link. Radio control for the Ryze Tello DJI

Thanks to its positioning system by sight, the Ryze Tello DJI flight is very stable and as a result the videos and photos of a higher quality. You can make amazing selfies without first piloting a drone. Choose from the screen of your mobile any of the EZ Shots or quick videos and enjoy watching how the Ryze Tello DJI does the rest. Record selfies moving away from the drone or doing a 360-degree turn, all this is stored in your mobile and you can share it in the instant with your friends. To make selfies it is recommended to install the propeller protectors that are included in the shipment.

With Ryze Tello DJI you can do tricks such as launch the drone with your hand and stay stable in flight or thanks to its system of positioning by vision, the bounce mode with which drone goes up and down from your hand. Accounts with two flight speeds can reach the highest 8 m / s.

If you want a more precise piloting, the Ryze Tello DJI is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled controls. In addition, with the radio control, you can use the VR glasses simultaneously or use the radio control stand to place the mobile and drive watching the images on the mobile screen. The Ryze Tello DJI has security measures as it lands automatically in case of loss of signal or battery depletion. It also has a key to land and takes off automatically.

The weight of the drone itself is only 80 grams and it can fly for 13 minutes and is now available on Gearbest for just $89.99 US dollars by using the link and coupon code below, which is a very good price as the drone complies with what it promises and the Transmission and video quality is excellent for its price.



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