Coolpad Accuses Xiaomi Of Violating Smartphone’s Patents

The plaintiff company claims that it has lost millions for the use of its patents.

Xiaomi has positioned itself as the fourth manufacturer of smartphones in the European Continent and the fifth in the world. After many years of work and dedication, we can see that they are reaching a key point in their business. But in their desire for growth and expansion, they have decided to cover not only Europe but also America. What makes it a world leader. And, as the calculations suggest, the initial offer in Hong Kong would give 100 trillion dollars approximately to Xiaomi. A very high and promising figure. So in the middle of this success, Coolpad accuses Xiaomi of an alleged patent infringement.

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As stipulated by Coolpad, Xiaomi has used the patents of the company without their permission. These patents, involve the management of application icons, notifications and user interface in some of the Xiaomi devices. So Coolpad has requested that the sale of such equipment cease. Among which are the Mi Mix 2, Redmi Notes 5 and Redmi 5 Plus. In addition, the minority company has demanded that Xiaomi reimburse a sum of money for the economic loss experienced by Coolpad after that event, along with all fees, as required by law.

Coolpad Accuses Xiaomi Of Violating Smartphone's Patents

At this point, we can not accuse or defend any of the parties, because we can’t know the real facts. Although it seems absurd to us that the Coolpad company has prepared all the lawsuit against Xiaomi. Just when this is positioning worldwide and is the focus of attention in almost all countries due to its recent exit from the stock market, which continues in course.

Coolpad Accuses Xiaomi Of Violating Smartphone's Patents

On the other hand, it’s no secret to anyone that Coolpad is almost left out of the game in recent years. Especially in the Chinese market, where brands such as Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi have gained greater recognition and own shares that reach 73% of the national market. Of which a remaining 27% belongs to Apple. In this sense, Coolpad belongs to one of the many smartphone manufacturers that struggle to stay within the national and international market.

Coolpad Accuses Xiaomi Of Violating Smartphone's Patents
Coolpad accuses Xiaomi

Coolpad accuses Xiaomi of violating smartphone patents

Coolpad, which was once part of the LeEco empire, was sold in January because of its parent’s financial weakness. Due to an audit, the company has just released its 2016 annual report that showed a loss of $ 4.38 billion HKD ($ 558 million) versus a gain of $ 2.32 billion HKD ($ 295, 5 million dollars) the previous year. Some have questioned Coolpad’s demand calendar, which comes a week and a half after Xiaomi requested the largest initial public offering in the past four years.

Since its inception, the Xiaomi company has dedicated itself to protecting and respecting intellectual property rights, not only of its own company but also of its competitors in the market. In this sense, it has signed patent agreements with recognized companies such as Qualcomm, Microsoft, and Nokia. So it is surprising that this demand for patent infringement suddenly arises. That is why after the Coolpad to Xiaomi’s lawsuit, the patent review board and the China Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) ask Coolpad Yulong Computer Telecommunications Scientific to annul the patent infringement lawsuit. They consider this unfounded and lacking evidence.

Coolpad accuses Xiaomi of violating smartphone patents
Coolpad accuses Xiaomi of violating smartphone patents

Until now it is unknown what will happen later with Xiaomi. But, as expected, they can get rid of this inconvenience and external companies will also learn from this experience. It is more strategic to ally with the technology giant than have it as an enemy.



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